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DS! DT! Rose Melody blue strapless dress, Anna House bolero

Information and Sales Terms
My feedback pages may be found here:
EGL Feedback Page
I do have cats for those who have allergies. They don't go near my lolita items, but their presents is still in my apartment. Those with bad allergies be warned. 
All items come from a smoke-free home.
1. Payment by Paypal only!

PLEASE PUT ALL PAYPAL INFO IN A PM-- to protect your safety.


I have the right to refuse a sale to anyone for any reason

2. Prices include shipping within the USA unless otherwise stated in the post.
I use USPS in most cases. I will usually ship items the day following payment. I will let you know for sure what day I plan on shipping after payment is received, and will also let you know when the item has been shipped. =)

3. I will ship internationally unless specifically stated in the item description.
Please comment with your country so I can calculate shipping cost.

4. Tracking and Insurance are NOT included and only come with certain types of postage. If you would like these services please let me know so I can calculate the extra cost.

5. I am not responsible for lost/stolen goods if tracking/insurance isn't paid for or requested.

6. Measurements are amateur at best. I try to get the most accurate measurements I can, but I am by no means a professional seamstress. Please +/- 2cms or so just so you have an idea of size range.

If you have any other questions please feel free to ask. ^_^

I am open to trades, but ONLY for items in my wishlist or items I specify am looking for in a post.  I am open to Brand, Taobao, and Handmade -- Gothic/Classic Styles only.
Please, no bodyline and no sweet prints.

My wishlist can be found here:

Currently I'm REALLY looking for Lady Sloth's Clock JSK. Needs to be able to fit a 34in bust and a 26.5in waist.

Rose Melody strapless dress
$125 USD + 11.00 shipping (Very heavy dress!)

I really love this, but I've lost so much weight it just doesn't fit me anymore.
Was made to fit a 36in bust and 28in waist. The bust is a little forgiving due to it being strapless and the shape of the bust area; however, the waist is NOT forgiving at all! 28in is the MAX this will go.
Could go smaller due to the corset waist ties, but not by much.
I'm currently a 34in bust 26.5 waist and it just is too loose fitting for my personal tastes.
This dress is also a little longer than normal. I'm 5'4 and it goes a little below my knees. Would be really great for longer lolita looks or for taller loli's.

-I replaced the side ribbons with better quality ribbon.

-The ribbons used to make the "loops" for the corset part show a little wear.

-There is a small snag in the white part of the skirt on 3rd ruffle. It is very small, and I had to actually hunt for it to take a picture of it it's so unnoticeable, however, it is there. Price reflects this.

-This is also made of wool and is VERY heavy so it is going to cost a bit more to ship. Price also reflects added shipping cost.

Reposted due to nonpaying buyer:
Anna House White bolero with detachable sleeves:
$47  $40 which includes shipping.

Size M. Brand New. I tried on the bolero once and it just wasn't what I wanted. Sleeves have never been tried on or used. Arms have elastic so they can stretch a bit. Would be best on someone with a 34in bust or below and of a smaller body frame.

Tags: !ds, !dt, anna house, color:blue, color:white, item:bolero, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, rose melody

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