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DS: Mille Fleurs JSK

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• My items go to the first person offering to pay full price and leaving their paypal address. 
• Please be aware that I will not be held liable for lost items by the postal service.
• I don’t charge Paypal fees. I charge in USD.
• I expect payment to be paid within 24hours of invoice being sent.
• I do not accept returns
If you don't like my prices please feel free to make an offer I can do payment plans but not for too long a period as I am about to move. 

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask!

Mille Fleurs JSK I also have the matching caplette and I am selling it as a set. I am moving so I want to sell it. I would like $200.00 USD for it OBO. 
I don't have the exact measurements but I am a 88cm bust and 74cm waist and it fits with room. There is shirring on the back and the chest portion also has sheering so the JSK gives. If you are really worried it won't fit I can ask a friend to borrow their measuring tape.  
EDIT: I measured and this dress can go (lying flat):
Waist: 33cm-38cm
Bust: 35cm-40cm (can go smaller since it has ties)

International Shipping: $15.00
Within the EU: $10.00 
These shipping quotes are without registered post. If you want registered add another $10.00 


Tags: !ds, color:green, item:jumperskirt, mille fleurs

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