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!DS: 2 blouses +Old School Skirt (Plus Size Friendly!)

✭egl feedback -
✭All prices in USD
✭US buyers are preferred, but I will ship internationall as well
✭I only accept paypal and will only ship to the paypal address.
✭I will only ship with tracking. If you want shipping without tracking, I must ask that you send the payment as a gift
✭I will accept trades, but I prefer to sell.
✭Prices OBO, but first person willing to pay full price gets priority
✭First to leave paypal gets the item
✭I wll hold an item for up to a week
✭I will ship out your item within the week. I will notify you if anything occurs where I have to ship it out at a later time
✭Shipping is not included in the price.
Proof -



1. Sold


(Click for full)
Perfect for sweet lolita! Bought second hand, never worn. No visible flaws. Has adorable flower embroidery on the upper left!
Bust - 40"
Length - 23"
2. J.Crew White Blouse $25


(click for full)
Great for classic or aristocrat coords! Bought second hand, also never worn. No visible flaws, but it is wrinkle. I can steam it before sending if the buyer wishes.
Bust - 38"
Length - 24"

3. Old-School BlackxWhite Tiered Anna House Skirt- $30


(click for full)
First buyer wasn't able to pay for it, so this skirt is available again~
A lovely old-school style skirt! I would keep it, but I can't coord it very well :(. Hopefully it will go to someone who can ! Good quality, with gorgeous detailing. Fully elastic waist, so can fit a variety of sizes. Bought second hand off comms. Worn once by previous owner I believe. Worn once by me. There is a small stain on the lace that is barely noticable (See picture above). I have not tried to remove it, but it looks like it would come out with proper cleaning. There are also other small black/gray marks on the top row of flower lace in the front of the skirt. These are also barely noticeable and may come out with cleaning
Waist - 24" - 45" (Possibly more)
Length - 22"

✭I can provide any extra pictures if anyone needs them

Thanks for looking!

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