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DS/DT: White BTSSB Blouse SOLD! WTB: several things! Link to old post!

Hello to all! ^.^


- Located in Louisiana, USA.
- I use PayPal.
- Prefer to ship in the US, but I am willing to ship internationally. I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages.
- I plan to attend Matsuricon in Columbus, OH near the end of August. I would be willing to hold these shoes to do a live trade at that con if anyone attending is interested! ^^
- I have a smoke free home.
- I have two cats, but I don't think I've owned the blouse long enough for that to be an issue.
- No returns/refunds/givesies backsies! :3

Paper Miku-chan is my proof!

I recently purchase this blouse, but as soon as I opened it, I knew it wouldn't work for what I wanted. T^T It is in used condition, though I don't know any details about that. I only tried it on.

Brand: Baby The Stars Shine Bright
Size: Bust: 34-37 inches

          Waist: 28-32 inches
          Length: 20 inches from shoulder
          Arm opening: max 20 inches
Price: $30 USD + shipping
Will trade for: a white blouse of the same size with less ribbons and lace. I'll also do a partial trade if I can! :3 (See item two of WTB list.)



Flaw one: bottom button is missing

Flaw two: small scuff next to middle button

Flaw three: slight scuffing on top button

I'm in need of a few items to complete some of my coordinates!

-I prefer to pay with PayPal.
-I'm most interested in US sales, as I live in the US and don't want to pay huge shipping fees.
-As long as the items are high quality and look similar to what I want, I am looking for no specific brand. :] However, you'll probably get bonus points if the items are Bodyline or Anna House.

Item one: a or blouse or cutsew that is black with white accents! Long or detachable sleeves are preferred. Need a size to fit up to a 36 inch bust. No polka-dots, please! Found!

Something like these:

Again, specific brands don't really matter to me, I just happened to be looking at AP for examples. :P

Item two: a blouse or cutsew that is all white! Detachable, short, or three-quarter length sleeves preferred. Need a size to fit a 36 inch bust. As I said, I would be really happy if I could trade my BTSSB blouse for a different white blouse with less lace and ribbons. Found!

Item three: white tea party shoes. Need a size 27/US 10-10.5/Euro 43. It would be awesome if I could trade for the tea parties I'm selling (link below). Found!

Item four: a purse. A black Loris with white detail would be ideal. I'm also interested in Rilakkuma bag, but I will consider other animal bags. I'm willing to look at anything, but it should be noted that I'm probably not interested in any bag costing more than $50 USD, so no expensive BTSSB or AP bags, please! :3

Item five: Bodyline Pink Polka-dot JSK, size M. I'm not sure what the name of this JSK is, but this is the link from the site: Found!

Item six: Rose Melody Merry-Go-Around JSK, size M. I'm in love with this print. <3 I really want the black with silver, but I'll consider any!

Lastly, I'm willing to trade the tea parties in my old sale link for anything on this list! I will do partial trades, as well!

My old sale/trade link:

Thanks for looking! ^_^
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