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DS! Tons of stuff! Image Heavy! Taking offers on everything!

egl feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/640800.html

1.I sell US and International.  
 For International buyers I will not be held responsible once the package leaves my care. The shipping price quoted is without tracking, if you want tracking please state so and I will let you know the price.
2.I only accept payment via Paypal.
3.Item will go to whoever requests an invoice first (please note however that someone willing to pay asking price gets priority)
4.I am NOT accepting trades at the moment
5.Feel free to make REASONABLE offers.
6.Any flaws will be listed on the posting.
 7.Please note that asking about
a dress does not hold your place in line.
ITEMS WILL BE SHIPPED WITHIN 10 DAYS (it's sometimes hard for me to get to the post office)

Thank you for looking!

I have downgraded my living space and need to get rid of stuff to make room. So please don’t ask about trades :)

*The items are a bit wrinkled from being in storage! I am not ironing them because I’m scared to ruin them.


BTSSB Original Tartan Check Ribbon JSK + Matching Headbow

Length: 88CM
Bust: 78-98CM
Waist: 78-84CM
 180.00 USD + Shipping Or Best Offer

BTSSB Red Shirring Princess JSK
Length: 88CM
Bust: Up to 110CM
Waist: Up to 110CM
180.00  USD + Shipping Or Best Offer

BTSSB Pony In Sweet Dreams JSK

Length: 92 CM
Bust: 83-92CM
Waist: 76-86CM

190.00 USD + Shipping Or Best Offer

Metamorphose Lovely Alphabet JSK
Length 92CM
Bust Up to 92CM
Waist- Up to 75CM
170.00 USD + Shipping Or Best Offer

BTSSB Cutsew

Laid Flat:
Bust: 36CM
Waist: 37CM
Length: 42CM
35.00 USD + Shipping Or Best Offer

6. BTSSB Princess Drop Logo Pockets JSK
Max Bust~ 100cm
Max Waist~ 81cm

Older version of this dress. Wrinkled but in good condition.

180.00 USD + Shipping

BTSSB Black X White Cardigan W/ Bunny Ears
Bust 78cm-96cm

70.00 USD + Shipping

 BTSSB PInk Cutsew W/ Lace
Bust 82cm- 102cm
Waist 74cm-102cm
50.00 USD + shipping

BTSSB Roco-Pigmin’s Ribbon Cardigan
Bust 82cm-96cm
Waist 78cm-92cm
75.00 USD + Shipping

BTSSB Alice + Cheshire Cat Cutsew
Bust 72-80cm
Waist 66-74cm
Length 50cm
60.00 USD + Shipping

 Bodyline AP Replica Cutsew
Bust 74cm-88cm
Waist 74cm- 92cm
35.00 USD + Shipping

BTTSB Alice Cutsew
Bust- 90cm
Length- 48cm
Arm size- 14cm
65.00 USD + Shipping

Anna House Blouse XL w/ removable sleeves (Never Worn)
Bust- 96cm- 101cm
Waist- 80cm- 86cm
Length- 54cm
Arm opening- 16cm
45.00 + Shipping (48.00 on website)



Metamorphose Blouse NWT
Has waist ties
Bust- 92cm- 106cm
Waist- 86cm- 92cm
Length- 55cm
Arm Opening- 10cm- 17cm
80.00 + Shipping

Bodyline White Bunny Blouse 2L (brand new)
Bust- 102cm
Waist- 84cm
Length- 57cm
Cuff- 31cm

60.00 + Shipping (63.00 on website)

Bodyline Shirred Blouse in Black and White sz  M (both are new)
Bust 78cm- 104cm
Shoulder Length- 36cm
40.00 + Shipping (same price as website)

Offbrand Polka dot Cutsew
Bust 72cm-84cm
Waist 68cm-84cm
25.00 USD + Shipping


45. Angelic Pretty Mermaid Symphony Canotier in Mint
70.00 USD + Shipping

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