Chocolate Icarus (anathema_narumi) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Chocolate Icarus

WTB: Bonnet! (Or other classical hair accessory)

Hello! I'm looking for a bonnet or other suitable hair accessory to wear with this skirt:

The top I'll be wearing is black, so I wouldn't mind a black bonnet. If you happen to have a cream/antique white bonnet I'll also consider that, and perhaps even a brown one. I like stiff-brimmed bonnets, not the floppy kind! I am also willing to look at other classical/gothic hair accessories of the same color scheme. Please do not link me to sweet accessories.

I am located in the US. I need this bonnet to arrive before June 27th, as I'd like to wear it to a convention. Budget is somewhat flexible; but I'd prefer to spend under $100 if possible.

Thank you!
Tags: !wtb

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