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!DS&Updates: Secret Shop, Infanta, Dear Celine, DoL, Surface Spell, Bags

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Secret Shop
Secret Shop Shoes Model 9509 - There's a pair in Black size 3L(25.5cm) come back in stock(US$58.95).

Secret Shop Tea Party Shoes Model 9807 - New stock has come in(US$47.95)

Victorian Maiden Short Boots Replica(US$68.95) - The extra/stock has been released in late June. There are a few pairs left.
Size 4L(26.5cm) is also available in stock.

If you were in the VM Short Boots Replica group order/pre-order in the past and did not receive an email when they were released in May and June, please send us an email ASAP. There were a few people that we were not able to get in touch with as the email addresses and paypal email addresses were not working.

Secret Shop Star Engineer Boots(US$74.95) - They are available to reserve again from size S(22.5cm) to 4L(26.5cm).
The star embroidery will be the same as the following picture.

Infanta Early Summer Sailor Style One Piece ($54.95)
Infanta Charlie and the Toy Factory Embroidery JSK (US$90.95)

Dear Celine
Dear Celine Lace Collar Dolly Blouse ($48.95)
Dear Celine Early Summer Music Note JSK

Surface Spell
Surface Spell Judgement Day Embroidery High Waisted Skirt (US$66.95)
Surface Spell Judgement Day Embroidery JSK (US$94.95)
Surface Spell Judgement Day Embroidery Long One Piece

Dream of Lolita
Dream of Lolita Melty Mermaid Princess High Waisted Skirt (US$50.95)
Dream of Lolita Melty Mermaid Princess Off The Shoulder Dress (US$89.95)

Lace Story Milky-Chan of the Fawn Bag (US$34.95)has been restocked
IW Style Violin Embroidery Handbag (US$37.95)has been restocked
BTSSB Style Heart Shaped Bag (US$38.95)has been released - White and Navy colourway is still available to order
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