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!DS closet cleaning BTSSB, AATP, Innocent World, Anna House, bodyline, and others

Trying to get rid of all of this because i'd like to replace it with more things from indie brands as they will actually fit me lol.
All items have only been tried on and not worn, some still even have tags attached
US buyers preferred but willing to do elsewhere if it means getting this stuff out of here.

feeback :

Also I still have some things from this post awhile back for sale, and I'm lowering the prices of the longsleeve blouses to $120 shipped.

D. BTSSB Black Heart lace frill sleeveless blouse - $100 *SOLD*
Bought from the site

D. BTSSB blouse
Front details -
Back -
Back closeup -
Length of sleeves:24cm

F. BTSSB Black Embroidered Jumperskirt - $120 ON HOLD
Bought on ebay, still in unopened bag

F. BTSSB Dress
Top Details -
Bottom Details -
Back -
Back Details -
Sleeve Details -

G. BTSSB Black luckypack blouse - $80 shipped (i bought the pack knowing that this would not fit so i hadn't even bothered trying this one on)

G. BTSSB blouse
Front details -
Back -
Sleeve details -
Length of sleeves:42cm

H. Acopolis angel tshirt - $15 *SOLD*
Would be great for classic casual :D
bought new

H. Angel tshirt
Print details -
It's a large but i'm selling it because it's wayy snug, so i think we're better off calling it a medium, and the fit is long so if you like tucking your tops in then this wouldn't be a problem.

I. Anna House polkadot skirt - $35 *SOLD*
bought secondhand

Back -
Length: 47 cm
Waist: 100cm

J. Floral tights - $20 *SOLD*
bought new

J. Floral Tights
One size I think it's 150lb max or 5'8" max height but i'm 5'8" and i couldn't pull them up all the way

K. BTSSB Black Doll Romancia JSK - *SOLD*
bought from site

K. Doll Romancia JSK front
Front Details -
Back -
Back details -
Sleeve details -
Bust: 88-98
Waist: 70-80
Length: 95

L. BTSSB Black Velveteen Scallop Bolero Style Babydoll OP - $200 shipped
(this comes with the detachable sleeves but i completely forgot about them while i was taking pictures)
bought secondhand

L. Velveteen Scallop Bolero Style Babydoll OP front
Back -
Back closeup -
Sleeve details -
Length: 91cm
Shoulder width: 34cm
Body width: 88cm
Sleeve length: 62cm

M. AATP Black Masquerade Theatre Skirt - *SOLD*
bought from site

M. Masquerade Theatre Skirt front
Top details -
Bottom details -
Back -
posting the owner's measurements from lolibrary instead of the site's measurements because i feel they're more accurate
Waist: 59-72cm
Length: 52cm

N. Luckypack skirt - $90 *SOLD*
bought from site

N. Luckypack skirt front
Top details -
Bottom details -
Back -
Total Length: 66 cm
Skirt Length: 47 cm
Waist: 30~95cm (i know that the site gave bigger, but i think that it's way too hard to get it on and off if you're larger than this, and it has no zipper)

O. Bodyline Floral Skirt - *SOLD*
bought from site

O. Bodyline Skirt front
Front with bow -
Back -
Fabric closeup -
Length: 57cm
Waist: 62-74cm

P. IW Black Melon Sleeve Pullover - $75 shipped
bought from site

P. Melon Sleeve Pullover front
Front Details -
Back -
Sleeve details -
Bust: 84cm
Waist: 74cm
Length: 50cm
Shoulder width: 36cm
Sleeve length: 59cm
Sleeve opening: 18cm
Shoulder to that middle seam: 36.5 cm

Q. BTSSB Black&White Short Sleeve Shirring Cutsew - $70 shipped
bought secondhand

Q. Short Sleeve Shirring Cutsew front
Front details -
Back -
Bust: 80-110cm
Waist: 60-104cm
Length: 48cm

R. AATP Offwhite Turtleneck Pullover - $75 shipped
bought secondhand

R. Turtleneck Pullover front
Logo -
Length: 53cm
Bust: 76cm
Sleeve Length: 58cm

S. BTSSB Black Dessert OP - $210 shipped
bought from site

S. Dessert OP front
Front Details -
Back -
Sleeve - (sorry about the fuzzes)
Bust: 91cm
Waist: 84cm
Length: 96cm
I did wash this one once because the fabric is a bit noisy, but i think it'd take a few more to really get it quiet, and it was still only tried on once

T. Innocent World Brown Heart cross strap sandals front - *SOLD*
bought from site

T. Heart cross strap sandals front
Back -
Bottom -
Inside -
LL 25.5 cm

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