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!DS: Angelic Pretty socks&accesories, SS boots; !DT: AP Ribbon Cocktail

I'm still getting rid of my sweet lolita closet!

♥ I ship from Poland
♥ All the prices are in USD
♥ Payment by PayPal only
♥ If you have any questions, please ask me, I'd love to help you!
My feedback page
My !WTB post

1. Angelic Pretty Border Knee Socks
Brand new and never worn, again, not even tried on. This metal thingie ( ^^' ) is still there.

Price: $30 $25 + shipping

2. Angelic Pretty Cream Soda OTK Socks
Slightly used; white parts spakle.


Price: $23 $19 + shipping

3. Angelic Pretty Toy Drops Lyrical Bunny Ring
It holds an ,,A" in its little, lovely paws. New with tag.

Price: $34 $29 + shipping

4. Angelic Pretty Toy Fantasy Wristcuffs
Whitexpink. Slightly used feeling, but they're gently handwashed. Lace features Lyrical Bunny's head.

Price: $43 $39 + shipping

5. Angelic Pretty Candy Border OTK Socks
New and neverworn, still have this metal thingie.

Price: original price, $32 $29 + shipping

6. Secret Shop Boots size M
Worn 2 times. Shows no signs of wear. All the bows are detachable.

[few detachable bows; those big can be detached too]

Price: $70 $65 + shipping


I'd still like to trade
my Angelic Pretty Ribbon Cocktail Skirt in PINK (worn only once!)
your Angelic Pretty Ribbon Cocktail Skirt in BLACK or wine (but I really prefer black one)

So basically, THIS:

for THIS:

Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, *replica, angelic pretty, color:black, color:pink, color:red, color:white, item:accessory, item:legwear, item:shoes, item:skirt

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