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DS: Innocent World socks and jewelry, offbrand blouse

Just some general info first:
I ship from Ireland.
I only accept Paypal, but don't charge any fees!
I'm open to offers.
Prices are in Euro (€).
Prices do not include shipping.
I'm very happy to ship worldwide.
Nobody in the house smokes. We do have a dog and some guinea pigs, but none of them come into contact with my lolita.
I can't be responsible for packages lost in the post, I'd really recommend insurance to avoid any risk!
Priority goes to the first person that PM's me their Paypal address.
I'm not interested in trades at the moment
Please feel free to ask if you need any additional info or measurements.
My feedback page is HERE

IW cream x dark green socks

I got these new from IW a couple of years ago, but only wore them once! They've been in a drawer ever since.
There seems to be a tiny bit of pilling on the heel of each sock, it's not that bad though. I've tried to tidy it up a bit but could probably be improved further.
Here's a photo of the worst of it, the other foot hasn't as much!
Price: €16
Please ask for shipping rates.

Offbrand (Zara) blouse

I also bought this a few years ago, it was a great basic when I was starting out in lolita. I haven't worn it a lot.
It's a pure-white cotton-stretch fabric, and a UK M.
Measurements: Bust- 34"; Waist- 28" (These are rough measurements)
Price: €12
Please ask for shipping rates.


Innocent World puppy ring

This is NOT my ring or photograph, but shows the detail far better than my own photos. If the photo's yours and you'd like me to take it down, just let me know! I can't find any stock pictures of it.

I've only worn this about 3 times, it's adorable but doesn't go with anything I own! ;-;
I noticed while photographing it that his head has become a little discoloured while in storage. It's not immediately noticeable, but I've tried to photograph it as best I can.
This image makes it lot a lot worse than it really is, but shows the area of discolouration quite well.
Price: €18
Please ask for shipping rates.

Thanks for reading!

Tags: !ds, color:cream, color:white, innocent world, item:accessory, item:blouse

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