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DS/DT: Closet Cleaning: 4 week re-post with reductions

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1107880.html

I am looking for money AND trades, so feel free to offer trades on DS items, but DT items are trade only unless specified otherwise. I am looking mostly to trade for otome stuff.

1. I ship within a week of receiving payment
2. I only do holds of up to 2 weeks with a 25% down payment
3. I am not responsible for lost mail once it's shipped
4. Prices don't include shipping or paypal fees (5%)


1. Angelic Pretty Miracle Candy Skirt (pink) --- 230USD  180USD

I bought this off the community second hand. It is in good condition, just a bit wrinkled from storage.

2. AP toy fantasy skirt(black) --- 250USD
    AP toy fantasy socks (black) --- 40USD

I am the first owner and bought both items from AP. I will sell them separately. No flaws, only tried both on. 

3. BTSSB black bolero---- 55USD

Bought off community, no apparent flaws. 

4. AP Lyrical Bunny Salopette Set (socks, barette, Salopette) in pink --- 230USD

Mine is in PINK. I traded for this on the community. It has no apparent flaws.

5. Rose Chocolat Shoes (23 cm)--- 60 USD  50USD

Bought off community. In good condition. The bows are detachable, and the insoles are actually light brown. The black color are personal ones I will be removing. 

6. ETC Picnic plates OP---- 300USD

I am the first owner, bought from ETC sendai. Tried on, washed once. No apparent flaws. 

7. h.Naoto hat---- 50USD

Thanks for looking!
Tags: !ds, !dt, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, emily temple cute

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