Mlle Fleur de Lune (mllefleurdelune) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
Mlle Fleur de Lune

DS/DT ! BTSSB ALICE SECRET KEY Skirt , BL , Loris and Offbrand

Fleur's Sales

Welcome to my sales !!!

I live in France.
I only accept Paypal.
The paypal fees and the shipping cost aren't included.
All prices are in € and I accept only it !
I accept trade. I can considered paiement plan with a deposit of 20% ( non refundable )
I don't smoke and I have a dog ( but she don't lost her fur )
My feedback is here :
My proof :
• DS/DT Jupe BTSSB Alice Secret Key in Pink •

I want to sell this cute dress ! She is like new , I brought it last Christmas but I have the same in Ivory so I don't wear this one =).
The waist go to 90 cm =3.
I want to sell it for 200€ (+ Shipping)  , I accept proposition and trade =)
• DS Blouse Bodyline •

This blouse is a size 4L and she is white with a red and white lace at the back !
She is to big for me =S So I want to sell it =)
I want to sell it for 30€ + Shipping

• DS AP replica BAG in Pink •

I want to sell it for 25€ and he is from Loris =). He is a little damaged =(.

• DS Tote Bag BTSSB •

Like New , never used ... I want to sell it for 20€ + Shippping
• DS Socks F+F & Gaiter •

Socks : 13€
Gaiter (NEW) : 3€
• DS Accesories •

→ earmuff (NEW) : 5€
→ Donuts necklace : 3€
→ Clock necklace : 5€ each
→ Cream hairband : 3€
→ Blue hairband with print : 4€

• Have a nice Day •
Tags: !ds, !dt, *replica, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:black, color:cream, color:pink, color:red, color:white, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:skirt

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