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DS: Baby the Stars Shine Bright Camelot OP

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Please note the prices dont include shipping or a paypal fee! (Unless you want to send it as a personal payment)

*****Please be aware that I wont be able to ship out these items until July 18. They will be shipped through priority in the U.S. which SHOULD take 2-3 days to get to you once shipped on July 18 Thank you for understanding orz ******** 

Btssb Camelot OP

More detail:

Information from Hello Lace:



Brand: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

Release Year: 2008

Price: ¥38,640

Available Colors: Ivory, Pink, Black

Measurements: 88cm length, 84cm bust, 66cm waist, 61cm sleeve length

Materials: Shantung (100% nylon) fabric, lining (100% polyester)

Additional Information: The chest ribbon brooch, and the back ribbon are detachable.

Now I got this in the most pristine condition that you could ever find it *_* Only tried on once. Until I realized it doesn't suit me

Please take a look at its beautiful detailing!

Price: 280$ 

Or your best offer. I will consider them! 


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