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DS: Innocent World Chess Skirt + link to 69th department blouse & Bodyline JSK


My measurements so you can get a sense of how the items will fit you (in cm):
Shoulder- 37

Terms and Conditions
- Paypal only please. Please pay invoice asap. Anything past a 24 hour delay requires a hold.
-Buyer is responsible for any paypal fees. 
-US BUYERS ONLY FOR TRADE. Please post your feedback.
-As the seller, I reserve every right to refuse sale to a buyer I find unfit.
- I'm quite busy but I will try to ship your item within a week. I ship on weekends.
-I am not responsible for any item lost or damaged in transit. Please request a photo of the packaged item before I send it out if you'd like one.
-I am not responsible if once you recieve the item, you find that the item does not flatter you or isn't as pretty as you thought it'd be. I try my best to fully and accurately represent the item. If you require more photos, please ask.

NOTE: I have a cat but I try to keep any hair away from the clothes. :) Just a warning if you are allergic. 

Innocent World Chess Skirt- $140 shipped within the US
Size: IW small or 58~70cm waist I believe. But 70cm is kinda pushing it.
Length: 61.5cm, as measured by the previous owner.

Condition: 4/5, the fabric near the waist is a bit stretched but not noticeably, especially since you can tighten it with the ties in the back. Overall the skirt is in great condition! :) Only worn once by me.

I believe this is the brown or grey colorway? It looks more grey than brown to me. The fit is similar to IW's Angel Land skirt.

I still have a short-sleeved 69th department blouse and Bodyline JSK over here:
Prices are OBO. ^^

Thank you for your interest!
If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask them. ^^

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