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!DS: Closet cleaning, Many items under $30, Lusty n' Wonderland JSK


All of these items have been in my closet unused for a while so I'd really like to find new homes for them. If you think any of my prices are high feel free to make an offer.

I have a cat but all items are kept in a closet that she does not have access to. 

All prices include shipping in the US, international buyers please give me your location for a shipping quote.

Blue Rose Skirt- $25- sold

Bought off comm sales, tried on but never worn otherwise. Recommended for 26-28in waist

Necklace- SOLD
Ring $5

AP cake purse- $75

Only used once, still like new.

Gothic & Lolita Bibles - $20 each / lot of 6 for $100

All bibles are in like new condition, patterns included though some have been detached. There are 2 copies of volume 6

Offbrand cutsew- $15

Bought off the comm sales and only worn a couple times. Sizing is the same as cutsew above.

Lusty n' Wonderland JSK- repost $200 $160

Bought off the comm sales and worn twice. Bust is gathered with elastic so it can easily accomodate a larger bust, not recommended for very small busts as the gathered material tends to poof out (for reference I am 33in, 34ish with a padded bra and it poofs out on me). Double ribbon waist tie, bow details and detachable shoulder straps. Top material is bright red sheer fabric, lining is black. Skirt has a lot of volume even without a petti. Waist measurement is variable due to elastic and is limited only by the waist ties. I would suggest 26-32in but it would probably work above and below those measurments. I would really like to see this go to a better home since I have no use for it and it is a very nice JSK. I am open to offers.

Additional pictures

Offbrand dusty pink Coat- $85

Recently bought this off the comm sales because I don't own a winter coat however the chest area is a bit narrow on me making it difficult to button the top button. Recommended for bust 30-34in and waist 24-28in.

Previous sales post-

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