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DS ; 1 month repost, 20% reductions and new items. AP DD purse, IW skirt, AATP book bag...!

A couple of things you need to know :
-Shipping is not included in the price, unless stated. Ask me and I'll tell you :)! I also refund if you pay too much shipping.
-I accept payments via Paypal, both regular and CC Paypal.
-Leave your paypal (preferably by PM) to hold your spot, a question does not guarantee your spot has been hold.
-I have two cats, a little girly kitten who likes my wardrobe, and a new curious cat. So there may be cat hair on my items but I will do my very best to remove them.
-Prices are in canadian dollars.
-The paypal fees are on me!
-Please don't ask me what is the minimum I would take for an item. Just tell me a price and we'll see :)
-There MAY BE a small odor on some items due to storage in a basement. Give it some fresh air and everything should be okay.
-My boyfriend smokes but my clothes are stored in the wardrobe. He obviously doesn't smoke in the wardrobe (haha), but I have to tell you just in case.
-Please no trades, except for specific items (I will name them).
-Please be aware that shipping from Canada can be expensive, especially for bags and/or shoes I'm sorry about that ;___;

-If there is any problem, contact me so we can work something out. I haven't find any flaws on my items but we never know.

PLEASE NOTE ; I WILL NOT GIVE A FULL REFUND (unless the item is pretty destroyed haha) AND I WILL NOT TAKE THE ITEM BACK UNDER ANY CONSIDERATION. If there is a problem, contact me and you will be given appropriate compensation.

My eglfeedback page is here.


1- Celeste Stein rose tights

I bought these tights in lurex, by mistake. This shit is super shiny! This is not what I wanted, so I'm selling these. Never got out from the package, never tried on. The picture is not really detailed because I did not open the package, but if you want to see the print better, you can see it here.
Price : 25$ 20$

2- Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Cardigan (!!DAMAGED!!)

This was one of my first lolita love. But stupid me put this beautiful cardigan in the washing machine, so it shrunked ;____; I can still fit in it but I cannot attach the buttons. It would only fit a petite girl.
Price : 55$ 45$

3- Metamorphose - Chiffon blouse

I got this in a lucky pack a while ago. I tried it on in an outfit but removed it after 10 minutes haha. It was stored at my mom's house and she lost the little ribbon that goes at the neck when she moved.
Measurements : I'm not sure of it's measurements but it fits my 91cm bust and my 78 cm waist (and there's still room for it!) and it has a bit of shirring.
Price : 60$ 50$

4- Innocent World blouse

I don't know the name of this blouse. I got this in a lucky pack. I tried it on and that's about it.
Measurements : Size M (normally around 94 cm bust and 74 cm waist)
Price : 65$ 60$

5- Baby, The Stars Shine Bright - Black turtleneck

A black wool turtleneck. I've worn it one time. I have to warn you if you have a long torso, this is not for you! I'm selling it because it doesn't suit me well, and I also find it too short on me.
Price : 50$ 45$

6- Alice And The Pirates winter coat

Worn picture.
I'm selling this because the sleeves are a bit short on me, and the button (the kind of buttons that snaps) at the bust area keeps detaching when I move my arms. I came to the conclusion that I look a bit ridiculous in this coat and sadly I need to sell it. I've worn it one time. It is in perfect state.
Measurements : It will not fit more than a 91cm bust (waist is pretty roomy though), unless you add something to clip it on more firmly (because the button at the bust area will keep detaching).
Price : 260$ 240$

7- Malco Modes petticoat (582)


My boyfriend bought this petticoat for me for Christmas. Unfortunately, they sent the wrong petticoat. He ordered the regular version and I got the longer version. Also it's XL so it's way too big for me, in addition of being too long. I have no use for this!
Price : 40$

8- Wig from Gothic lolita wigs (daily doll collection)

Stock picture

I may have cut the bangs a little short, since I didn't know how to cut them properly at the time. It does not appear on the picture, but it depends on how you wear the wig. I'm selling it because the color really doesn't suit me. Worn one time.
This is the wig worn
Price : 30$ 24$

9- Innocent World - Nicholas fruit skirt

Stock picture
I'm not quite sure but I believe I am the second owner. Worn one time.
Measurements : it is the size L.
Size L: 55cm length, 64~78cm waist
Price : 150$ 120$

10- Metamorphose - Marine border set

Stock picture
Worn a couple of times but still in good state.
Measurements :
86~91cm bust, 74~79 high waist
Price : 175$ 140$

11- Angelic Pretty - Decoration dream pony bag (PINK)

Used one time. In perfect state.
Price : 145$ 116$

12- Angelic Pretty - Pink bolero

NEW without tags, never worn.
Measurements : not quite sure, but it fits my 91 cm bust!
Price : 125$ 100$

13- Alice And The Pirates - Book bag (I feel stupid for not remembering the name!) in black x black

Proof picture (sorry about the horrible hair)
I must tell you the inside of the purse is starting to get off. I guess it's glued on? Anyway, here is a picture so you can see by yourself. But it still has lots of life left!! There are also a couple of minor scratches.
Price : 125$

14- Baby The Stars Shine Bright - Sweet check OP

Proof picture
One of my first loves... but since I need money I have to sell it :( It has been worn 3 or 4 times, I took care of it very well.
Measurements : 96cm length, 38cm shoulder width, 100cm bust, free-size waist, 22cm sleeve length. Hellolace entry
Price : 150$

I still have a blouse, wristcuffs, a ring and shoes here!!

Thanks for watching!!!!
Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, metamorphose
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