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DS: h.Anarchy / ACDC RAG / Black Peace Now

Need to free up some space in my wardrobe! I just can't find any occasion at which to wear most of these so I'd like them to go to someone who can /o/ All tops are free size and would best fit a size M; feel free to request for measurements if you're not sure! I have no pictures of these being worn (because I haven't, for most of them), sorry!

※ feedback post is here
※ prices are in USD and do not include shipping. items will be shipped from Singapore via registered airmail.
※ I take no responsibility for the parcel once it has been shipped.
※ first priority goes to immediate buyers.
※ payments accepted in USD via both CC and non-CC paypal; buyers are to bear the fee of 3.9% + USD$0.30.
※ prices are negotiable but please be considerate when making offers!

Poyo will be my proof of ownership today!


★ h.Anarchy for Plus argyle-print collar cutsew ★
bought secondhand, never worn
$20 OBO, stretchy fabric

★ h.Anarchy for Plus kanji print chinese-style cutsew ★
bought secondhand, worn once
$20 OBO, stretchy fabric. comes with belt strips.

★ h.Anarchy off-white strappy shirt ★

bought secondhand, worn once
$65 $40 OBO, no stretch.
Note: There is a small stain on the left sleeve (due to an eyelet..?) + one more on the upper back that should be washable, they were already there when this shirt arrived. You can barely see these.

★ ACDC RAG sleeved poncho top ★

bought new, never worn. selling at same price as in store.
$35, free size

★ Black Peace Now hooded fur capelet ★

new from BPN 2012 new year lucky pack, never worn.
trimmed with rabbit fur according to the tag.
$90 OBO, small to medium fit (BPN's stock picture)

Tags: !ds, *real fur, black peace now, color:red, h.naoto, item:cutsew, item:outerwear

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