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DS/DT: IW, ETC, JM, Meta, ST, Milk

general info

  • I accept paypal (+4%) and bank transfer.

  • Please don't post your paypaladress in the comments, but send me a PM instead.

  • I have feedback in my journal as well as in eglfeedback (+232)

  • If you want more info on a specific item or more pictures, just ask!

  • package up till 350 grams:

8,3 euro (Europe + U.S. + Russia + some countries in Middle East) 12,45 euro (rest of world)

  • package up till 1 kilo:

12,45 euro (Europe + U.S. + Russia + some countries in Middle East) /20,75 euro (rest of world)

  • signed for: +4,9 euro

  • I'm not responsible for lost items.

  • If you live in Denmark, I'll be in Copenhagen from the the 10th onwards and can ship from there as well.

  • I consider trades for ETC/JM/excentrique/old Meta/IW


Innocent World embroided fleur de lis OP: sold

ETC velvet bow dress: sold

Metamorphose polkadot dress: sold

Emily Temple Cute black dress with white and light pink polkadots

very good condition
great dress
skirt has 3 layers

length: 90 cm
bust: 45 cm (measured flat)
waist: free

90 euro

Emily Temple Cute polkadot dress


very lovely offwhite dress
great fabric  (3 layers) and cut
elastics in the arms

length: 92 cm
bust (measured flat): 44 cm (can fit larger)
waist (measured flat): 36 cm

75 euro

Emily Temple Cute glitter dress: sold

Emily Temple Cute poodle button dress: sold


Jane Marple embroided chicken skirt

perfect condition
great embroidery
rare skirt

waist: 35 cm measured flat
length: 64 cm

70 euro

Emily Temple Cute yellow polkadot skirt

full elastic at waist, waist size between 60 and 92 cm (very comfortable elastic)
length: 46 cm

50 euro

Jane Marple black silver pleated skirt (new with tags)

very lovely skirt for a bargain price
silver fabric with black transparant fabric above
more beautiful than in the pictures

waist (measured flat): 35 cm
length: 50 cm

70 euro

Shirley Temple petti: sold

Milk red cherry skirt

nice casual skirt, very good condition
jeansfabric, comes with belt
2 pockets in the back, 2 pockets in the front

length: 50 cm
waist (measured flat): 32 cm

25 euro

cutsews, turtlenecks, bolero's and cardigans

Emily Temple Cute golden hoodie (new)

sparkly golden hoodie
great bows

bust (measured flat): 43 cm (can easily stretch up till 50 cm)
length: 53 cm

60 euro

Shirley Temple yellow cardigan

very good condition
very cute
size 160

length: 47 cm
bust (measured flat): 44 cm (can stretch a bit)

60 euro

Emily Temple Cute pink cardigan

light pink
lovely buttons
flattering cut
very good condition

length: 52 cm
bust (measured flat): 47 cm
arms: 57 cm

40 euro

Emily Temple Cute: pink striped cardigan

worn a few times, but very good condition


length: 50 cm
max. bust: 94 cm

50 euro

Emily Temple Cute: black bolero with mohair

lovely very warm bolero
bow is detachable
good condition

50 euro

Emily Temple Cute cherry top

lovely cutsew
great colour and cherry embroidery
very good condition

length: 49 cm
bust (measured flat): 41 cm (fabric can easily stretch)

20 euro

Emily Temple Cute pink bow cardigan

lovely cardigan, great lace
true black (picture taken next to window)
very good condition

length: 52 cm
bust measured flat: 45 cm (can accomodate a bit larger)

40 euro

Jane Marple white hoodie

worn a few times, sleeves are detachable
length: 59 cm
bust measured flat: 46 cm (can easily accomodate larger)

35 euro

Ingni brown fur bolero

real fur, perfect condition, length: 30 cm
lace is detachable

25 euro


Emily Temple Cute offwhite pink houndstooth coat: sold

Emily Temple Cute bear coat: sold

ETC red biker jacket (NWT)

bust (measured flat): 45 cm, length: 53 cm, lined, new with tags (37590 yen)

150 euro

ETC pink bow bag

good condition
lovely bows
easy to combine with ETC clothing

30 euro

ETC poodle bag

big poodle bag
good condition
the straps are a bit dirty on the inside (as seen in the picture)

height: 25 cm / 45 cm (incl. handles)
width: 40 cm

20 euro

Jane Marple bow dress: sold

Emily Temple Cute: pink bolero with mohair: sold

Jane Marple striped dotted dress: reserved

very lovely fabric and cut
fully lined and built-in petti
lacing in the back
perfect condition

bust (measured flat): 45 cm (can be made smaller)
waist (measured flat): 38 cm (can be made smaller)
length: 103 cm

140 euro

Tags: !ds, !dt, emily temple cute, innocent world, jane marple, metamorphose, milk, shirley temple
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