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DS: Mania Q, Angelic Pretty, H.Naoto, Putumayo (Bunch of items $50)

Important Notes

- No returns or exchanges
- No trades please
- Payment is Paypal only
- I can always do pick-up if you are able to get the item in San Francisco (no shipping fee yay!).
- First person to leave "I am interested. PM you!" and PMs me their Paypal email gets the item (including if you choose to do personal payment). If you do end up leaving your Paypal address in the comments I will screen it!
- The price of the items already includes the item, shipping, and paypal fees. If you pay over “personal payment” then I will give you the price of what it really would be minus the Paypal fees.
- The address that I am shipping to must be a “confirm” address on your Paypal
- I will ship international (except Mexico and Italy).
- All items for international are going to be the standard mailing. If you would like any upgrade such as delivery confirmation the prices will be higher, but I am willing to offer it if you ask. Otherwise I will be shipping them regular mail.
- I am not responsible for any items lost or damages of the item once I have shipped the item.
- I have a busy schedule so my best times to answer questions or shipping items is Friday and the weekends. I will try to send packages or answer questions during the weekdays that I am busy, but I can't guarantee I would ship the items Mon-Thursday.
- If you need any size measurements, more pictures of the items, other questions, etc. then tell me. I am happy to answer them the best I can.
- I own a cat. Every now and then he does come into my room, but I kept my clothes a great distance from him, however, just letting you know be cautious about buying the item if you are allergic to cats.
- I am willing to negotiate down to reasonable prices examples such as you closely have the money for the price I am asking for which is $65, but you only have $60. Just try me! :)
- If you are interested in the item and want to buy it this is my Paypal: "simplicitymoonescape(at)yahoo(dot)com"

IF ANYONE BUYS OVER $100 it will include Putumayo Plaid Headbow (Grey).
Putumayo's photo:

My photo:


Angelic Pretty Angelic Lace JSK (mint)

Me wearing the items:
(sorry for the clutter in my room) <-<;;;;
Stock photo:
Price: USA $330 / International $345
Price Now: USA $100 / International $110
Condition: Brand new (without tag)
Description: I am a 34B and it fits me nicely, but I am unsure about any bigger than that. I can always check if it fits 36 bust. There was a tag, but I cut it off because I thought I was going to keep it.
More description of sizes can be found at

H.Naoto Frill Cuteswen Bunny


Price: USA $88 / International $118
Price Now: USA $50 / International $55
Condition: excellent condition
Description: Worn once. The ribbons to tie the back are slightly wrinkle at some spots. Overrall it is excellent condition.

H.Naoto Honey/Melt Dress


Price Now: USA $100/ International $110
Condition: Brand new without tags
Description: Got by a previous owner, but the person only wore it to try it on and so did I. She stated she did not wear it and when I inspected the item it didn't seem worn at all. I only tried wearing it 3 times, but I did not really wear it.

Putumayo White Blouse


Price: USA $133 / International $138
Price Now: USA $50 / International $55
Condition: brand new (with tags)
Description: Only worn it once. Realized it wasn't my thing. It has quite a bit of wrinkles after just using it once. There is one small spot of stain on the right side of the collar I noticed. Other than that this can easily be cleaned by iron to straighten it.

Putumayo Stripe Vest

Sorry for the bad quality of the picture. The color and print is exactly like it is in the stock photos at the bottom.


Price: USA $200 / International $210
Price Now: USA $50 / International $55
Condition: brand new (with tags)
Description: This is the collaboration from Tales of Xilia they did. This item is really popular and sold out immediately after when it was released. I really love the patterns, but I am planning on getting a different version of the pattern in a skirt or dress hopefully. Also I would like to not it doesn’t come with that black ribbon at the front for the vest. It didn’t come with it apparently. ;-;

Mania Q white hoodie

Price: USA $67 / International $84
Price Now: USA $55 / International: $60
Condition: brand new
Description: I actually realized this wasn't as I expected it would be when I worn it. I just got this item from my shipping yesterday, but yeah it didn't work out with me.

Thank you for looking! ^^
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:black, color:brown, color:green, color:purple, color:red, color:white, h.naoto, item:jumperskirt, item:shoes, putumayo

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