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!ds: 20% Off Leaving Lolita: THEY MUST GO GO GO!

Hi everyone! My name is Monica and I'm from Texas, US. I hardly wore my lolita collection and almost 2 years since I left the Lolita community!

So I am having a….
Please read my descriptive information before buying.


You can find my feedback on: (+24)
eBay world (+66).
All positive!

Prices are in USD. 
--Shipping Prices Varies (International Welcome) please comment for inquiry.
--Will Ship within 1-3 business days
--May request delivery confirmation as an option(US only)
--Not responsible for lost/damaged/stolen packages

I prefer to be paid through PayPal
--No holds and trades please.

-- All Sales are final

All buyers must post comments with subject of AP 1, 2, 3...B 1, 2, 3... or O 1, 2, 3

Original post was made on JUNE 29. Past 4 weeks = 20% off price on remaining items

Angelic Pretty (AP)

I know I paid more for my Lolita sets than what I have priced them for.
ALL ITEMS ARE IN ALMOST NEW CONDITION unless stated otherwise.

1. Dreamy Doll House JSK Mint Set $400  $320
Partial Shirred JSK, clip on bow, and socks
Good for Chest: 32-36in, Waist: 26-30in

2. Original Angelic Pretty Bunny Chan Pocket JSK Blue with White Polka Dots $300 $240
No shirring JSK. Good for Chest 32-34in, Waist 26-28in

3. Sweet Cream Blue Tea Parties $90 $72
Size 24.0 (8US)
(I got these fresh off the market from AP but never got to wear them because you never let friends borrow shoes - scuff marks :< )

4 Marionette OTK Pink Socks $20 (worn but have been washed and clean)   $16

9. Radioactive Cupcake Pink  Plastic Headband $40 $32
10. Dreamy Doll House Mint Plastic Headband $40 $32

Bodyline (B)

1. Winter Coat with removable Caplet Pink $75 $60
XL - good wear between M-XL

Other (O)

1. BtSSB Bunny Bear Bag White $165 $132
-Never used it

This is from 2008 
50cm length, 30cm width, 37cm sitting length

2. Rilakkuma Small Purse $25 $20
-can fit a wallet, phone, keys, and some make up. 

3. Rilakkuma Camera Bag $15 $12

4. Pink Parasol $50 $40

5. Socks 
a. Red/Pink $5 $4
b. Color Hearts $5 $4

6. Blue Purse $20 $16

Bow: 27cm
Width: 11cm, Length: 29cm, Height/depth 22cm (with handles 42cm), 
I double checked to see if there was a BL label. This not BL - this is a AP replica bag from Clobboa

Thank you for looking!

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, color:blue, color:green, item:accessory, item:bag, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:novelty, item:shoes

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