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DS: Closet Cleaning repost - Lief, AP, Btssb, AatP/ WTB: Moitie EGA jacket

Feedback: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/636554.html

✩ I ship from the US
✩ all prices in USD.
all prices are OBO because I don't keep track of what everything is worth exactly, or how much damage brings down value. If the offer is a lot lower than what I am asking, I'll probably want to wait a little to see if someone will pay closer to the asking price.
✩ payment through Paypal only.
✩ no trades (except for the Moitie jacket I'm looking for)
✩ I have a cat and my parents smoke, but I try to keep my clothes away from both.
✩ I ask for a maximum of two weeks for items to be shipped out because my transportation situation is a bit complicated. I will do my best to get items shipped out as soon as possible.
✩ all measurements are from hellolace or lolibrary unless otherwise noted.
      ✪ US - $15 USPS priority mail tracked and insured
      ✪ Canada/Mexico - $25 EMS tracked and insured
      ✪ Everywhere else - $45 EMS tracked and insured
I didn't consider the different weights of different items, so actually just ask me.
      ✪ If you want the value of your package marked down, please ask! Otherwise I put the full amount on all the packages I send out by default so that the item is insured for the full amount.
      ✪ If you want the value of the item reduced by more than half, I would prefer that the payment be sent as a gift.

In adjusting to the new rule of not leaving pp addresses in the comments, the first person to PM me their paypal gets the item. Since this was not in my terms when first I posted the sale, the first few people who said they were going to buy get 24 hours to send me their pp. After that it will go to the next person.

On another note: For Lief Sacred Night and Btssb Marie-Antoinette - these dresses are much bigger/heavier than anything I've shipped internationally before, so I can't use the EMS envelope provided at the post office that I usually use. If these items go to international buyers -  I will try to send it in my own envelope that is bigger or a box if that doesn't work. I will try to make it as cheap for the buyer as I can. I give you a shipping quote that is as close as I can figure out online, but it is hard to figure out exactly what it will be before I get to the post office. Since this is new to me I may make a mistake. If I overcharge you I can show you the receipt and refund you the remainder.

1. Lief Sacred Night JSK in wine x gold size S/M - $350 $320 SOLD

bust: 86~96cm
waist: 66~76cm
length: 110cm

lolibrary link: http://lolibrary.org/node/10176

Condition: I only wore this a couple times around the house but never finished putting together a coord with it. Its in good, lightly worn condition except for two small spots I have circled here and here. Its made well, but not quite as good as brand. I found a few flaws with the shoulder straps. It looks like they put the button hole on the strap, realized their mistake and sewed up the hole and put the button on top of it. On the left buttonhole, the thread came undone on one side so I resewed it by hand to keep it from fraying. Neither of these flaws are visible when worn. Also it looks like there was a seam sewed over on the strap and then taken out. It includes the sash/waist tie and removable bow and has a pocket.

2. AP Osanpo Candy-chan Skirt - $160

waist: 62~73cm
length: 49cm

hellolace link: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/angelic-pretty/type/skirt/item/7/

Condition: I bought this used from Angelic Poodle. I wore it once to a museum. It is an older print so the fabric has some piling. It arrived to me with the removable bow on the front missing (but this was noted by the seller). The button holes in the waist ties are a bit too small for the buttons, which is strange because there is a spare button sewn into the seam that is the same size as the others and the lace and fabric on the waist ties are the same as on the skirt, so maybe this was a mistake by the manufacturer? There is a part near the zipper where the seam of the outer layer of fabric came loose towards the bottom of the zipper (arrived to me this way, pretty sure the seller didn't mention it). You can't really tell by looking at it and its not noticeable at all while wearing it. Its only annoying when the zipper is down and the zipper pull falls into the loose seam and you have to fish it out. For those who are good with zippers it would probably be an easy fix. Includes waist ties and has a pocket.

3.Btssb Marie-Antoinette OP - $180

bust: 86cm
sleeve length: 63cm
length: 96cm
waist: about 70~72cm (I took this measurement myself as hellolace didn't provide a waist measurement)

hellolace link: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/baby-the-stars-shine-bright/type/op/item/5/

Condition: I bought this used from egl_comm_sales. I believe they bought it used from someone else as well. I wore it a few times around the house but never finished putting together a coord with it. Its in good but used condition. The fabric is kind of thin and the seams are a little delicate, I guess because its kind of old (but not really old, from 2007 according to hellolace). There is one small discoloration on the lace, but that is the only flaw I can find.

4.AatP pirates alice print jsk - $130 SOLD

bust: 74~86cm
waist: 64~72cm
length: 89cm

hellolace link: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/alice-and-the-pirates/type/jsk/item/2/

Condition: I bought this used from Y! Japan auctions. I wore it a few times and its in good used condition except that the ribbon has some pilling and one major flaw - it has no boning. I bought it with the intention of replacing it but never got around to it. I wore it without the boning and it looked just fine. I took a worn photo to show that it still has a shape even without the boning. I should also note that this jsk is not lined. I'm pretty sure this jsk was just manufactured that way since the hellolace entry has no mention of a polyester lining like it does for most dresses and it shows no signs of alteration (well, aside from the boning).


I'm looking to buy this Moitie Jacket. I don't know the name of it but I know it was released in winter in 2005 and is in GLB vol.19. This is a dream jacket for me and I would be very grateful to anyone who could help me find it. If anyone has it and is interested in anything I'm selling I could do a trade as well, but only for this jacket.

✩ Thanks for looking! ✩

Tags: !ds, !wtb, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:pink, color:red, indie brand, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:skirt, lief, moi-meme-moitie

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