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DS!: Infanta, 69th Department, F+F, DOL and Innocent World!

Feedback is here.
I am located in California. USA
I am willing to ship internationally only if you acknowledge that I am not responsible after it leaves my hands
I am not responsible for packages shipped without tracking/insurance.
I only accept Paypal.
Prices do not include shipping!
Priority goes to the first person who leaves their Paypal address.

My proof item is my YuGiOh! cup :)

Infanta Butterfly Cross JSK in Black *sold!*

Measurements: Bust 90cm, Waist: 74 cm (this is the max, no shirring!)
Price: $80 USD + shipping/handling
This is a really pretty JSK from Infanta! I'm sorry to let it go, but the fit is kind of awkward on me :( Worn only once!

Dream of Lolita Melty Mermaid Princess Skirt and Headbow in Black/Purple *sold!*
Waist Measurements: 60~72 cm
Price: $60 USD + shipping/handling

I pre-ordered this from Loli Loli Paradise, however I have recently acquired the JSK! Never worn, brand new!

Fan+Friend Black/White Pinstripe Bustle Skirt *sold*
Waist Measurements: 28 inches max! Corset ties to make it smaller
Price: $30 USD + shipping/handling

I am the second owner of this skirt! Never worn out, only tried on.

Innocent World Grey High-Waist Chess Skirt *sold!*
Waist Measurement: max 27inches (and that's really pushing it)
Price: $90 USD + shipping/handling
I believe I am the 2nd owner of this skirt! I really love it, unfortunately I have nothing to match it with :(
(Sorry for the funny coloring, my room is really yellow)

69th Department White Chiffon Blouse
Measurements: Bust: 92 cm Waist: 72 cm
Price: 45 USD + shipping/handling
The max measurement on the website is 92 cm, but it starts to gape funny around 90 cm, just so you know :) It's a really pretty, lightweight blouse perfect for summer, but the fit is awkward on me >_<; Worn only once!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! Thank you <3

Tags: !ds, infanta, innocent world, taobao

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