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!DS: SS socks, reduced ETC Cardis and Cutsews. Everything OBO!

Hello there, and welcome to my sales post!
Just a few things before we get to the frills:
My feedback:
I reserve the right to refuse to sell to people with bad feedback.
I prefer to sell to European buyers, but am willing to ship anywhere.
Prices are in Euros
I can accept Paypal and EU bank transfer. 
Priority goes to those who leave/PM me their Paypal, and who offer full price.
Paypal fees are included in the price, shipping is not.
I am open to offers, but please be reasonable.
Allergy alert: my house is non-smoking, but up until very recently, I had a dog.
I don't accept returns, so please be sure before you buy!
I'm more than willing to take extra measurements and pictures if you need more info.
I'm not interested in trades at the moment, thank you.

I ship from Finland, and I aim to ship within a week from purchase.
For a rough estimate, please check this page: (maxi letter for cheapest option, international parcel for tracked)
I cannot be held responsible for items lost in the post, please get tracked shipping if this concerns you.
Upon request, I can take pictures of parcels and postage receipts for extra security.
Note to those outside the EU: I'm willing to fill in customs forms to your specifications, but please let me know, otherwise it'll be marked at full value!

Winston is my proof:



These are all Secret Shop, and are completely brand new and unopened

Stock pics:



All socks are €9 shipped anywhere
Sold: Black ballerina with dots
        White (payment pending)
The tights (top right on my proof pic) are €12 shipped anywhere


ETC Chunky knit ivory Cardigan (slightly damaged)

Width: 84-95cm (it has a little more stretch to it, but it may gape a bit)
Sleeve length 48cm (armpit to end of cuff)

This cardi was bought on the comm sales. It's been worn a few times by me, and has been freshly washed. As such, there is some pilling all over the item, but it would be about ten minutes' work to pull them all off. There is a 2cm hole along the seam of the left hand sleeve, near the armpit. It came to me like this, and is most likely a manufacturing fault. It's not visible when worn, and is easily fixable, as the hole is along the seam and can be darned closed.
Perfect for mori girl, and colder weather!
50 40 plus shipping (please bear in mind that it's quite a heavy item)

ETC black loose sleeved cutsew

Lace detail
Width 80-90cm
Elasticated Sleeve diameter 12cm-17cm
Sleeve length 30cm (shoulder to end)
This cutsew was bought on the comm sales, has been worn twice by me, and has been freshly washed. It's true black, but I've taken the pictures with a flash so that all the details can be seen. The lace on the bottom is pretty, but a bit rough to the touch. No flaws
30 24 plus shipping

Off-white Short Sleeved ETC cutsew (slightly damaged)

Tiny stain on neck
Super close up of stain
Width: 80-90cm
13cm sleeve diameter
Bought on the comm sales, this cutsew has only been tried on by me. There's a really small orange stain on the neck of the cutsew (see pictures), I don't know what it is, but I've never tried to get it out myself. There's also a general feeling of wear, as the fabric is slightly pilled all over. Caution: the sleeves of this item are not very forgiving, there's only about 1cm of stretch in there, and the bows are ornamental, and cannot be untied.
25 20 plus shipping


Jane Marple Striped Dress:

Measurements: 87cm bust (approx)
                              72cm waist (approx)

Bought second hand on the comm sales, sadly this beautiful dress doesn't fit me properly. Would make a lovely 50's inspired otome outfit.

€50 OBO €40 OBO

ETC Pink Cardigan (Turtleneck on the left is sold)

Cardigan (right)- Bust 80-92cm
Bought NWOT on the comm sales, this has never been worn by me. No flaws.

€50 OBO €40 OBO

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask, and thanks for looking!

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