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[Ds] metamorphose, bodyline, baby the stars shine bright, angelic pretty, and handmade

hi there!

i'm clearing out my closet so i'm getting of some stuff i don't really use... i do consider offers so feel free to bargain... i reeeally need this stuff gone!!

Attention:!! i have a long haired cat and although i lint roll everything some fur may still get through so beware of allergies!!

feedback here:

prices include normal shipping but if you want tracking add 5€
here it is:

Metamorphose polka dot dress:

got it in a lucky pack, only tried on

it's all shirred so its basically free sized....


Bodyline musical jsk

it has a slight worn feeling to it but its in good shape... i'm the first owner

(crappy picture i know xD)

bodyline size M


Cupcake bag:
never worn


brown caramel wig
tried on... figured out i'm not really a wig person...


Baby the stars shine bright shirt

worn once. like new... i'm the third owner i think but none of the previous owners wore it much

its a "little" too big for me and since it has 3 hearts in the lable i'll ris saying it's an L...

hand made cherry jam dress

waaaay to big on me, i'm not and expert in sewing (yet) so i totally got the shirring mesurements wrong... it's good for a plus size..


Angelic pretty polka dot socks
i bought them thinking i would wear them a lot but they ended up sitting on my sock drawer lol


Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, bodyline, handmade, metamorphose, offbrand

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