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DS: BTSSB black skirt, and Bodyline pink JSK

*The first person able to pay gets priority.
*Price includes shipping ,within the US ,and paypal fee.
*The item will be shipped within three days of payment.
*I ship within a week after payment.
*Feedback- http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1034146.html

BTSSB black skirt- $52 including shipping within the US

 I bought this of the comm sales about a month ago the previous  sellers post said she re dyed it black (because it is an older skirt and it was faded, it is perfectly black now), so the tag is grey and red instead of pink and red like a normal BTSSB tag, the waist ties are also missing. I tried this skirt on for about 5 minutes and it was too small for me.  I have a 27 in waist so I would recommend this for a 25-26 inch waist. 

IMG_1179.jpg IMG_1179
hanging up 

Bodyline pink polka dot JSK- $23 including shipping within the US.

I bought this off the comm sales about a year ago and I wore it once and washed in the washer. It got a small hole while in the dryer (shown in damage photos).
IMG_1188.jpg IMG_1188

* I know these photos are not the best,but I haven't had time to take better ones. However if you really  would like more photos just ask and i will be happy to take them.

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