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DS/DT:Millefleurs Rose Border OP, Shoes and Cutsew 20% reduced,

Please Read First:
  • I come from a smoker house, but I don't smoke myself, never allow smokers in my room and I am very careful so that my lolita clothes don't come in touch with smoke.
  • I have a pet dog, it doesn't get in my room but keep it in mind.
  • I ship within 1 week after completion of payment.
  • Between buyers, priority goes to whomever leaves their paypal first
  • Price does not include pp fees and shipping fees. 
  • Buyers have to give me their pp address within 12 hours and pay their invoice within 48 hours. Failing to do so without contacting me may lead to neutral or negative feedback on my side.
  • I can hold an item if an 30% non-refundable amount is given
  • I suggest that the buyer chooses shipping with tracking. I won't be held responsible for lost packages once I ship them. In case buyer insists on shipping without tracking, they will have to send the payment as a gift.
  • I have the right to refuse selling to buyers with negative feedback
  • My feedback page
  • When I trade, I always used tracked shipping and I expect the other side to do so too
  • Stock picks may differ in color from what I have, please check all of the pictures before buying!
Taobao Tulle and lace pearl cutsew SOLD, THANK YOU

Very pretty blouse with soft materials. Looks well made and the lace is soft to the touch.

Condition: Brand New

Color: White x Cream (The blouse is white and the chiffon bow and pearls are cream)

Size (Flat Measurements)
Bust: 41cm - 51 cm
Waist:40cm -56 cm
Length: 58 cm

Additional Pictures: Front, Back, Detail

Price: 18 euro 14 euro

Europe: 2,86 euro w/o tracking or 5,36 euro with tracking
Rest of the world: 3,05 euro w/o tracking or 5,55 euro with tracking

Daemonia Gothic Ribbon Shoes SOLD THANK YOU

Condition: Worn twice, they are in very good condition, no scuffs.
The only signs of wear are in the soles and inside of the shoe

Color: Black

Size: EU 38

Additional Pictures: 1, 2

Price: 24 euro 30 euro (RP over 70 euro)

Europe: 10,95 euro w/o tracking or 13,45 euro with tracking
Rest of the world: 18,60 euro w/o tracking or 21,10 euro with tracking

Taobao Lace Sandals

Very cute sandals with lace and bling. I got them for summer coordinates but they turned out to be the wrong color for me.

Condition: Brand New

Color: Dusty Pink

Size: EU 38

Additional Pictures: Proof

Price: 23 euro 18 euro

Europe: 6,90 euro w/o tracking or 9,40 euro with tracking
Rest of the world: 8,90 euro w/o tracking or 11,45 euro with tracking

DT: Rare Millefleurs Rose Border OP

is a dress by the lovely Japanese brand Millefleurs. It uses the same fabric as Mary Magdalene's Annette Rose JSK and Rose Border JSK. It features detachable bows, shirring and lacing in the back, so it can acommodate larger sizes than a typical MM dress.
I got it second hand and wore it a couple of times. The condition is very good, no visible signs of wear.

Measurements :
90cm length
82~98cm bust (can go lower with lacing)
70~80cm waist (can go lower with lacing)

Additional Pictures: Front, Bodice, Back, Print

Due to the lightning conditions in my room, the colors look a bit cooler than they are, the dress has warmer tones. You can check them here:

I am looking to trade for one of the following items:

I will also look at other pieces, but since I am mostly leaving lolita, I am looking for pieces versatile enough to be coordinated in a modern way and/or for office-casual wear.
I am NOT looking to pay more money for a trade, so if you believe that your piece is worth more than mine, please don't offer it.

Tags: !ds, !dt, item:cutsew, item:onepiece, item:shoes, mille fleurs

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