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DS: Pink Shirley Temple skirt, pink AP scarf, and a lot of old sales!

Hello, everyone! :)


- I will be shipping these items from Fullerton, CA.
- I accept paypal only.
- I am NOT responsible for lost or damaged packages.
- Prices do not include shipping or pp fees. Buyer pays the pp fees.
- Prices are flexible, I am willing to haggle!
- I am open to trades or partial trades.
- First to leave paypal gets the item.
- I require that all buyers purchase at least delivery confirmation; if plain old first-class shipping or airmail is wanted, I will only accept payments as a gift.

- I have feedback here:


And here:


1. Pink Shirley Temple "Tea Time" Skirt

I bought this secondhand from a girl on the sales_comm, and as cute as it is, I've only managed to wear it out once. :[ I figured that it was time to let this go, since I'll have to downsize my closet before moving in to a dorm. This would be a really cute casual skirt for the summer! You can wear it with or without a petticoat, and the print has plenty of colors integrated into it, which makes this skirt really easy to match things to.

Sizing: The waist is fully elasticated, so it'll fit a wide range of sizes! I wouldn't recommend a very large hip size, however; since the skirt is tiered it can start to get uncomfortable/look wonky on very large hips.


Closeup of the print (it sparkles *0*):

Price: $50.00+shipping+pp fees, OBO.


2. Pink AP Scarf (BNWT)

I bought this really adorable AP scarf new off of another girl, and I have never worn it myself. Not too heavy and not too light, it's perfect for semi-cold days. :) It features really cute polka dots and bow designs, as well as two pom poms on the edges.

Proof photo:


Price: $35.00+shipping+pp fees, OBO.


Old Sales!

I have a TON of things still available here (Putumayo purse, Btssb bolero, Btssb tote, AP barrette, etc.) that I'd be willing to take offers on: http://egl-comm-sales.livejournal.com/18834029.html

Thanks for looking!

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