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DS/DT: A lot of stuff: AATP beauty and the rose Promise OP and many other stuff

* Prices are in US dollars
* I accept paypal or WU. I do not charge paypal fees.
*I ship from Cordoba, Argentina. Prices do not include shipping.
* All sales are final.
*I live in a smoke-free enviroment, but I do have a cat. I will try to remove every bit of hair, but if you are allergic you should be careful.
* I will iron everything before shipping, but please be aware that items may wrinkle in the way.
* I accept holds, only for 5 days.
* If someone leaves their paypal first, the item is theirs unless someone makes a higher offer.
* If I didn't post a stock photo is because I don't have one.
* My feedback is here

I will trade/parcial trade for any of the items in my wishlist:
I also will consider anything gothic/EGL or just plain black.
Also looking for tartan JSK. 
No sweet prints, thank you.

These ugly scissors that were lying in my bedroom will be my proff.

1. Beauty and the Rose Promise Op in offwhite $250 OBO. I would really prefer to trade
I bought this from the comm and worn it only once. The girl who sold it said she'd worn it twice. It is in excellent condition. I'd like to trade/partial trade it for the Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK or high-waisted skirt in black or red , or for any of the items in my wishlist. I prefer brand. Stock pic:
I'm also into gothic/EGL items. Show me what you have!
Measurements: 95cm length, 35cm shoulder width, 90cm bust, 73cm waist, 21cm sleeve length

Another pic:

2. Bodyline offwhite bolero $20 OBO
This came with a dress of the same color. I bought both from a girl in the comm, I love the dress, but the bolero doesn't really suit me. It fits a max 95cm bust. I'm selling it cheap 'cause there's a bit of yellowing on the sleeves (it bearly shows) and because the girl who sold it to me didn't include de bow.

Another photo, with the scissors (it looks  wrinkled in this one :S):
Missing bow:

3. Bodyline red tartan JSK $40 OBO (plus size friendly) SOLD AT A CONVENTION
I have worn this only three times, and it pains me to let it go. But it really doesn't look good on me. It is in mint condition. The color is much better than the picture.
Bust: 100cm max, 80cm min
Waist: 85mx, 65min


4. Bodyline accesories $5 each
Red tartan hat that came with the dress, a black hat and a chocker. The hats are pretty lame, that's why I'm selling so cheap. They are to big to be mini hats and too small to be proper hats, plus, they don't stand on they own. The chocker is too long for my neck.

Red hat:
Black one:
Choker detail:

5. Infanta Alice skirt in pink $30 OBO TRADED
I bought it brand new and I've worn it only a few times. It doesn't look good on me like most lolita skirts, plus it's too big for me. Damage: There's a bit of decoloring near the buttons, I also added a few buttons for it to fit a smaller waist. Measurements:
Waist: 74cm
Lenght (w/o lace): 49cm
Stock photo:
Decoloring and extra buttons:
Another pic:

6. AP Ribbon in red $20
This was the ribbon for this dress:
But I traded the dress, so now I only have this bow and nothing to match it with. It's in very good condition.

Other pic:

This bow is way too big for the dress. I figured maybe someone would want to buy it and fix it. I'm sure never gonna do it myself.

8. Fake fur offbrand bunny scarf $10
Well I bought this on a whim and never wore it. It's really warm and comfty. I Hope it finds a happy owner.


9. Pink w/ berries offbrand umbrella $20 OBO (shipping WILL be expensive for this one, USD 35 if you are not from Argentina)
It's too sweet for me. It's really wide, but the handle is kind of ugly and also is the holding strap.

Honding strap or however this is called:


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