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DS: ETC mook

Please Read This First!

★Paypal only! Invoices come from t*****e*
★Prices include paypal fees, please ask for shipping quotes
★Priority goes to whoever posts/messages their paypal address first and can pay full price right away
★I am willing to consider reasonable offers
★I will do holds for a 50% nonrefundable (i.e. sent through the "gift" option) payment
★I am not interested in trades at this time
★Feedback can be found at my journal here (+32) and at eglfeedback here (+33)
★Please ask if you have any questions!

Emily Temple cute Spring/Summer Collection Mook

Flipped through once, in new condition.

-current collections
-some past pieces and accessories
-prints of 8 different series (see fourth image above)
...and more!

Really, really cool, but it was an impulse buy and I really could use the money right now @w@;

$27 + shipping
Tags: !ds, emily temple cute

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