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DS/DT: AP long cape, Meta white blouse, Infanta Nightingale black JSK, Twinkle Journey replica skirt

Hello ^^
Some information first:

I ship from Poland, so shipping can be expensive.

All prices are in USD.

I am not responsible for lost items, it's post office's fault.

I only accept paypal, paypal fees are included in price :)

Offers welcome :)

I have two little dogs, but even though I don't let them close to my clothes, there can be some hair on it. I'll try to remove everything, still please be aware.

I am very open to trades, show me what you got! Please note I'm tall(173cm...) and my measurements are: bust 98cm, waist 76cm.

Sorry for a bit crappy photos, my camera's broken and I took these with my phone.

My egl feedback:

My Yoshikitty will be my proof:

1. Angelic Pretty Long Dolly Cape in White x Black (houndstooth)

It's like new, I'm the second owner and I've worn it once, previous owner said she only tried it on. It's really lovely, but it just doesn't match my wardrobe :( The fur collar is detachable. Measurements, according to hellolace: 64cm lenght, 41,5cm shoulder width.
Price: 120$

Stock photo:


2. Metamorphose white blouse with detachable sleeves and jabot.

It was worn twice  and washed, I didn't use the longer sleeves and jabot, there is even a tag still attached. There is slight discoloration on the collar because of my dyed hair, totally unnoticible from the outside. Also, one of the buttons to attach the sleeves is missing, but there is a spare one, and one of the ribbons on the shorter sleeve has untied, it can be easily fixed.
This blouse is fully shirred and is very big. I have a 98cm bust and I had to tie the waist ties of the blouse tight to make it fit. It's a perfect blouse for plus-sized lolis :)  Measurements: bust 90cm-120cm, waist the same, length 50cm.
Price: 60$  SOLD

Stock photo:



Untied ribbon:

3. Oo Jia Twinkle Journey skirt replica in black.

It was worn a few times, there is no damage. The skirt itself is really cute, I love it but it's too short to my liking :( It has a build-in petti, waist ties and detachable bows. Measurements: 70-78cm waist, 55cm length. Please note that black is a little washed off, like in all Oo Jia's black clothes.
Price: 65$  SOLD

4. Infanta Nightingale black JSK size XL

It was worn 2-3 times, it's in perfect condition. I really love it, but it's too big for me :( It's the version without a bustle in the back. Please note, that I don't have the pearl chain attached to the ribbon. Also, one ribbon wasn't sewed tied and it became untied, I think it's easy to fix, but I don't have the skills to do it. Measurements: 96cm bust, 78cm waist, length 94cm. 
Price: 80$ SOLD

Photo from ClobbaOnline (stockphoto):


Untied ribbon:

Thank you!

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