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DS : JSK baby / baby socks/ brown heart AP bag / AP skirt

Hi there !

First my egl feedback :

I'm selling My JSK cause I really don't wear these color ^^

First, the official picture :

And my pictures :

I want to notice that the necklace make a little "tear" . But It is very very little and not observable. Only with a big close up. 

The dress come with waist ties (not on the photos) and the bow (on the photo). The bow is a "little fallen".

Close up on the beautiful print :

Proof : (Weared by me):

About measurements : Please visit hellolace here :

About Price : 180€ without shipping
Shipping : Worlwide but I don't know the price. Please tell me you country and I will go to the post office ^^

Baby cherry sock :   12€

I'm selling these beautiful Sweet Jam Skirt too  :

Close up :

Détails :

Measures : Please visit hellolace :
Price : 110€ without shipping and paypal fees.
Shipping : Worlwide : I don't know the exacly price, so give me your county and I will go to the post office ^^

AP brown Heart bag : 75€ like new. Just try once. It never go out my bedroom ^^

AP catalogue 2010: 10€
(Sweet Jam bow is already sell)

Thanks for Looking ^^

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, baby the stars shine bright, item:bag, item:jumperskirt

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