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DS: AatP JSK, DoL OP, lots of cheap blouses, cutsews and socks!

Shipping from The Netherlands
I live in a pet and smoke free home. I do smoke, but only outside, wearing a coat.
All clothes will be washed and ironed before shipping so there won't be any smoke scent on them.
Prices are in euro's
Shipping from Holland is a little expensive
Shipping within Holland depends: Als het door de brievenbus past, tussen de 1,50 en 4 euro. Anders standaard kosten van 6,75

For packages that do not fit through the mailbox:
Shipping within Europe: € 11,00
Shipping worldwide: € 17,00
without tracking.

Shipping with tracking will be
within Europe: € 18,00
worldwide: € 25,00

I will fix the international shipping for items that fit through the mailbox at € 8,00 euros
Payment through bank transfer or paypal.

My feedback: click here

On to the clothes:

Alice and the Pirates Horoscope underburst JSK (sold)

Dream of Lolita Melty Chocolate OP in black/white/pink.

No shirring, two detachable bows.
€ 55,00 euro

Metamorphose cutsew with pink print.

I have a 86 cm bust, it's stretchy but not much, but it fits me fine.

€ 20,00

cute cutsew with puffy sleeves and polkadots by Lolita Rose
90 cm bust, but a little stretchy. In the picture it looks grey but it is black.

€ 15,00

White cutsew by maxicimam


I bought it second-hand, but there were allready armpit stains in it :( so it will go cheap, someone can make a little handbag of it maybe
€ 10,00

Black blouse with silver pinstripes and detachable bow. Lacing in the back
Like new
max bust 88 cm


€ 20,00

Gingham blouse black/white by Hell Bunny. I bought it online, but it's to wide. Brand new with tags

€ 25,00

White blouse by F+friend. With detachable pearl and cross collar, and little pink tartan tie.
€ 15,00 (sold)

Offbrand skirt, black/white stripes.

waist 70 cm
€ 10,00 (on hold, awaiting payment)


I ordered them, and I thought they were white, but they were offwhite and therefor not wearable with any of my clothes.
€ 4,00 (on hold, awaiting payment)

Offbrand harlequin socks with small diamond pattern

€ 7,00 (sold)
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