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DS/DT Meta short-sleeved blouse (20% off!)


Here are a few trade/sale conditions! ^^
  • My feedback is here;
  • Currency is USD, and I take payment through PayPal only (I don't charge PayPal fees);
  • I ship internationally from Quebec, Canada. The shipping with tracking is included for US and Canada residents only. International buyers have to ask for a quote;
  • I'm not responsible once the package is sent;
  • Trades are welcome, I would even prefer them over selling!
  • No return or refund;
  • Since I'm trying to get this blouse out of my closet as soon as possible, offers are welcome as long as it's reasonable. ;)

The blouse! Proof is my butterfly picture along with all the mess on my desk. xD


I would see it looking great with many sweet skirts! Unfortunately, it doesn't fit me. :(
  • Description: It's a Metamorphose blouse with shirring in the back. The collar is pretty particular, but it's really cute. It seems like a rare piece since I didn't find any stock pictures or Hellolace link. However, here's the brand proof. The waist ties are detachable, as well as the bows on the sleeves. It has been worn twice, once by previous owner and once by me. I had to wear it with banding to make sure the buttons wouldn't suffer from it, and I swore to myself that I would never to that again because it felt really uncomfortable (blurry worn photo here). It's been washed once by me (I don't know about the previous owner), but the fabric still feels like new, as well as the blouse. No stains, no flaws as far as I know;
  • Measurements: The bust would fit up to 88-89 centimetres maximum. For minimum, I can try it on my dummy and send you pictures. As for the waist, I'm guessing it would fit between 65 and 80 centimetres with the shirring and the waist ties. It's 58 centimetres in length;
  • Asking price: 70$ 56$ shipped and tracked to US and Canada (OBO);
  • Other pictures: collar, buttons, sleeve.

The trade possibilities!

I'm just starting in Lolita, so here are a few of the items I would need:
  • A good quality petticoat, bell-shaped, in white. Medium or big poof. Preferably from Taobao;
  • Lace-topped short socks, the ones from Bodyline would be okay;
  • White or black basic shoes, preferably with a heel, US size 6.5;
  • One or two skirts/JSK from my wishlist or any replica/good quality offbrand, depending on their condition (I might consider Bodyline, but there are only a very few of their pieces that I like);
  • Some accessories to match the lot.
These are in priority order. I can do partial trade if your item's value is not as high as my blouse's, but not if it's higher. Please be aware that, though I hate to admit it, I'm not able to buy anything at the moment. ^^; I would be able to buy things only if I can sell my blouse. My measurements are 91 centimetres in the bust and 75 centimetres in the waist. Please offer only if you know that it would fit me. :)

Thanks for taking a look! Feel free to ask any question that might cross your mind! (I usually respond within a few hours or in the morning. ;3)  
Tags: !ds, !dt, *replica, color:white, item:blouse, metamorphose

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