Rei (quentin_watson) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: BTSSB "Alice in the Garden" Skirt

Hello all!

The basics:
-paypal only
-no payment plans/holds
-comes from nonsmoking house with 1 cat
-shipping is an extra $13, will be shipped in a priority flat-rate box w/ tracking
-I *will* ship worldwide, if you are outside the US shipping price depends entirely on where you are located
-my feedback

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, "Alice in the Garden," skirt $150
-I will consider offers!

-comes with waist ties, I am the 1st owner, skirt is in perfect condition it was purchased at Baby's SF store in the NewPeople building for about $215.

HelloLace page

Proof photos:

Thanks for looking!

Tags: !ds, baby the stars shine bright, item:skirt

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