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DS/DT: Black and white Montreal tea party shoes- Sold

- Located in Louisiana, USA.

- I use PayPal.

- Prefer to ship in the US, but I am willing to ship internationally. I'm not responsible for lost or damaged packages.

- I plan to attend Matsuricon in Columbus, OH near the end of August. I would be willing to hold these shoes to do a live trade at that con if anyone attending is interested! ^^

- I have a smoke free home.

- I have two cats, but the shoes have only left the box for me to try them on and take pictures of them.

- No returns/refunds/givesies backsies! :3

- Feedback:

Paper Miku-chan is my proof!

Price: $60 shipping, unless live buy/trade is scheduled
Will trade for: Size 26.5-27 shoes (US size 10-10.5, Euro 43)
                         Lolita clothing, black and white or colorful (usually size medium)
                         Animal bag/backpack
                         Black Lolita purse
                         Split colored wigs
                         Lolita accessories, any color
                         Cutsews listed here in black and white, though anything similar would make me happy!
All trade offers must have a comparable price to the shoes, though I will accept partial trades.

Brand: Montreal
Size: 26 (US 9.5-10, Euro 42)

The brown stuff under the toes is just paper! ^^






I'm usually a US 10-10.5, but these were just a tiny bit too small for me to be able to walk in. T.T
Shoes have been tried on, but not worn.

I am the first owner, and they are brand new.
I'm sorry if the shadows in any of the pictures make it difficult to see the bottom of the shoes!

If there are any questions, feel free to ask!
Thank you for your interest! ^_^
Tags: !ds, !dt, color:black, color:white, item:shoes, montreal

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