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DS: Sweet and gothic, Meta, F+F, Bodyline and Offbrand

*Paypal fees are already included
*I prefer to sell within the US
*I am open to trades but would prefer to sell at this time
*I am open to reasonable offers as I very much want these things gone!
*I have inspected the items over to the best of my ability but please keep in mind I am human and may have missed something
*I ship all items within 1 week, if there is a delay I will let you know asap

1. Bodyline High Waist Black Skirt SOLD


Size: M
Condition: Worn a few times but no tears or stains. It will come with the flower clip as shown on the Bodyline website
Price: $27 +shipping

2. Metamorphose Sax Carousel Skirt


Size: Best for 25 inch waist
Condition: I've only worn this once since I bought it second hand. It has two small dots on the waistband but I was unable to photograph them clearly
Price: $100 +shipping

3. FanplusFriend Peachy-Pink Blouse


Size: Flat measurements, waist is 13 inches and bust is 17 inches. It has lacing in the back to make it smaller
Condition: Good, I have only worn it once. The top button is very loose however and needs to be tightened
Price: $25 +shipping

4. Offbrand Cardigan


Size: Best suited for a 25 inch waist, though the bust is fairly open
Condition: Good, though please keep in mind this item has been dyed and should probably be washed on its own
Price: $7 +shipping

5. Offbrand pony JSK


Size: Small, best suited for 25 inch waist max and 34 inch bust max
Condition: This JSK is best as a project for a seamstress. The quality of the fabric is very poor, and it was originally an OP with a ton of crappy lace on it. I removed a majority of the lace and turned the sleeves into a JSK-style, but please bear in mind I did this all by hand and I am by NO means skilled, so the work is not professional. When worn it can actually look decent but it is definitely not top quality
Price: $30 +shipping

If you have any questions feel free to ask! Once again, I AM open to offers as I really would like these things gone, so don't be shy!

Tags: !ds, bodyline, color:black, color:blue, color:grey, color:pink, color:white, fanplusfriend, item:blouse, item:cardigan, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, metamorphose, offbrand
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