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DS & EA: AATP Check Frain Blouse, Blue Offbrand Aristocrat Long Sleeve Cutsew, XS White Blouse etc

Welcome, welcome!
-I ship from UK and will only use recorded methods unless you’re willing to send payment as a gift. (The difference in UK is only 60p, but the international difference is £5.15!)
-Prices include Paypal fees
-I have pampered little animals in my house but your items will come lint rolled and they don’t get on my clothes. No smoking environment.
-Priced low for quick sale, but don’t be shy to make best offers or offers of trade! Everything will be considered :)
-I have no preference to where you are located, so I work on a "first come, first served" basis. If you don't leave a Paypal to secure a place, I'll just pass it on to the next person. Sorry, but an enquiry about postage costs doesn't equal "I will buy" since I usually need stuff gone fast!

-UK shipping for any of the items in this post is £3.65 1st class recorded, or £3.15 2nd class recorded.
-At this time, I only accept Paypal from all buyers, invoices are in GBP.

Some of the items are for sale through here only, but some are also on eBay. Please follow the links to the relevant eBay auction page, or you can alternatively choose to buy-it-now for the price listed here :)

SOLD Alice and the Pirates “Frain Blouse in Check” with necktie - £30 GBP + Shipping

It’s from 2006, so has seen some use in the world, but is structurally sound. The condition is definitely ‘used’ although I can find no actual damages apart from the overall feeling that it’s been worn. It comes with the tie, and the sleeves are detachable. It is supposed to be wrinkled, but because it’s wrinkled it’s hard to take a photo of it flat. I think the condition of this is 6/10 since you can tell it’s been worn (though it’s in good condition for its age since it’s been worn a lot!), which is why I’m asking such a low price for a £100+ blouse!

Hello Lace Page for Frain Blouse

Full with flash: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse1.jpg
Without flash: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse2.jpg
Collar: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse3.jpg
Short sleeve: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse4.jpg
Cuff: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse5.jpg
Flat: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse6.jpg
Necktie: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/FrainsBlouse7.jpg

SOLD -Red Herring Aristocrat Style Cutsew Blouse - £5 GBP + Shipping

It has been used a few times but is in good condition apart from the overall feel that it’s been worn. There are no structural damages, or rips or stains or marks, so I think the condition is 7/10. It was bought from Red Herring at Debenhams but I can’t remember the season. It’s a rich, deep, blue somewhere between navy and royal, and has pintucks to the yoke and ruffles everywhere. It’s made from cutsew type jersey fabric. I apologise for the wrinkles, it has just come out of the wash for a freshen up and has yet to have its wrinkles steamed out, but it will be freshly pressed for you :)

Collar: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/RedHerringCutsew2.jpg
Flat: http://i339.photobucket.com/albums/n470/Missytetra/For%20Sale/RedHerringCutsew3.jpg

The label states UK size 8. The measurements are: Bust 32-35" okay, possibly 36". I have a 35" bust exactly and it fits me fine. The sleeve length from shoulder to end of cuff is 27.5".  Waist can suit up to a max of 28".

And some eBay auctions:

XS Dorothy Perkins White Blouse (click for auction) - Buy-It-Now £4.99 GBP + Shipping

Dark Brown Bow Knot Hair Clip (click for auction) - Buy-It-Now for £3 GBP + Shipping

It has been worn a couple times but is in good condition

Thank you for looking, if you have any questions please ask!

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