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DS: Tons of blouses Bodyline, F+F & Offbrand Skirt etc (Lowest from $10)

- Payment methods: Paypal, 4% + $0.30 fee
- Will ship out within 3 days of payment.
- Shipping from Malaysia. Pls quote for postage fee for international buyers~
- Will ship internationally by Registered Airmail. Tracking number provided.
- Not interested in trades.
 My Feedback

My measurements (for ref use): 161cm, 33" bust, 26" waist, 34" hips, 15" shoulder
All items are in great condition. ^^V 

Bodyline Heart Blouse

Original Bodyline link: http://www.bodyline.co.jp/bodyline/showProduct2.asp?id=4597&pageNumber=1&pageStop=stop_8&noSubType=N
Size: M

Bodyline White Blouse

Sold out on site.
Bust max: 17"
Waist max: 15"
Length: 20"

F+ F Gothic Black Blouse
(Comes with the big bow)

Original link: 
Bust max: 17"
Waist max: 26"
Length: 21.5"

Offbrand Satin Blouse

Bust max: 18"
Length: 24.5"

Offbrand Stripe Blouse

Bust max: 18"
Length: 14.5"

Offbrand Grey Blouse
Sold to rokusabarou

Bust max: 19"
Length: 20.5"

Offbrand Cutsew 01 Sold to belladonna562

Bust max: 19"
Length: 23"

Offbrand cutsew 02
Sold to belladonna562

Bust max: 22"
Length: 25"

F + F Gothic Jacquard Skirt
Sold to xxxkbunnies

Original Link: 
Waist max: 26"
Length: 21.5"


Offbrand Taobao Skirt Sold to rokusabarou

Waist max: 17.5"
Length: 33" (Measured from suspender)

Bodyline Pink Checkered OP
Sold out on site. Very cute!! 

Max bust: 34"
Max waist: 28"
Length: 77.5cm (measured from back-neck frill till bottom tip frill)

$35 -> $25

Feel free to ask any questions regarding the above products~
Thanks very much for your interest! =D
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