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!DS: Closet clean-out, 23 items brand and offbrand, all styles, nothing over £95!

 Feedback: 100% positive on eglfeedback

 Shipping: Prices do NOT include shipping & Paypal fee. I am happy to ship worldwide. I ship by plain Airmail by default. If you want tracking or insurance, please ask!
If shipping turns out to cost less than I calculated, I will always refund you the difference!

[Note: I will be at the Baby Tea Party in Paris on 07 July and at Japan Expo on Sun 08 July, so if you are going to be there & want to save on shipping I would be happy to bring things there and give them in person]

 Prices are in GBP (British pounds)

~I feel like this should go without saying, but just in case it's not common sense for everybody: I ALWAYS wash / dry-clean EVERYTHING before I sent it off, if it has been worn or even tried on~

1. Angelic Pretty Fairy Frill jsk in LAVENDER SOLD
Price: £80
Condition: Excellent, no flaws
Note: This was part of a set consisting of jsk + bolero. I am only selling the jsk here.
Measurements taken flat: 17" bust, 14" waist, 34" length.
This jsk doesn't have shirring, but it does have some lacing and waist ties at the back which can be adjusted to make it a bit tighter.
The 3 bows at the front are all detachable!


2. BTSSB Mary in the Sky with Candies OP in RED + BTSSB Bunny Milk Headbow in RED  SOLD
Price for set: £95
Condition: Excellent, no flaws
Measurements taken flat: 17,5" bust, 15" waist, 37" length
Ideal for people who like a slightly longer bodice or who are on the tall side, bodice measures 16" :)
The OP doesn't have back shirring but it does have some shirring with lacing at the front and also thin waist ties at the back that can be adjusted to make it a bit more loose / tighter.


3. BTSSB Merry Sweet Cookie hairpin set
Price for set: £15
Excellent. The glue is a bit visible if you look really closely at the back of the square one, see picture below.


4. BTSSB Aristo Kitty's invitation OTK socks in SAX  SOLD
Price: £10
Condition: Excellent. Only tried them on indoors and handwashed them, never worn properly


5. BTSSB / AATP Autumn 2010 Catalogue SOLD
Price: £3
Condition: Excellent, never even opened it as I have 2 of them
Contains items such as Aristo Kitty, Princess Honey's Tea Salon, Lac des Cygnes, Doll Romancia, Operetta Bouquet, Midsummer's Night Dream, St Mephisto, Queen's Coach, Tarot card and many others.


6. Metamorphose Glittery Snowflake OTK socks in PINK
Price: £12
Condition: Excellent. Got these new in a trade, never wore them.


7. Putumayo Cutsew in Black with Pink print & trims
Price: £20
Condition: Excellent, no flaws. I got this used, but only tried it on myself
Measurements taken flat: 16,5" bust, 14" waist, 19" length
This has a lot of stretch due to the material, would comfortably fit a 36" bust and a 30" waist, maybe more

8. Fairy Goth Mother tightlacing corset in pink x black
Price: £50
Note: This is a great bargain. I bought it for £175 from Fairy Goth Mother and only tried it on (I don't like this colour on me)

This corset comes with detachable satin halter neck ties and 4 detachable frilly garters. It is absolutely beautiful. 

Measurement: 26" waist (ideal for a 28"-30" natural waist), ~15" length


9. Gloomy Bear pouch (original licensed product)  SOLD
Price: £7
Condition: New. I detached the tag but I still have it. 
Measurements: 5,5" height,  ~4" width,  ~2" depth
Ideal as a digital camera case, has a main pocket on the inside as well as a smaller one, and a smaller one at the back.

10. Retroscope skirt in BLACK  SOLD
Price: £25
Condition: Excellent, never worn
Measurements: 27" - 31" waist, 26" length.
No shirring, but it has lacing that can be loosened / tightened at the front
[Note: The colour is a pure black, it looks lighter here due to lots of natural lighting from my window]

11. Fan + Friend JSK in Black x White
Price: £25
Condition: Great, the lace at the faux-pockets has a bit of fraying but nothing noticeable really (see pic below)
Measurements: Max. 
37" bust, 32" waist. Can be made smaller with waist ties (I wore this when I was 36"-30" and it was ideal). Length: 39,5"


12. Surface Spell set of Purple rose corsages (2-way hair clip & pin)  SOLD
Price: £5
Condition: Excellent, 

no flaws.


13. Montreal RHS in SAX SOLD
Price: £10
Condition: They have never been worn as they are too big for me, but they arrived to me with a tiny mark on the foam sole which I assume happened in transit (See pic below)
Insole measures 26,5 cm (i.e. would fit someone with 25.5 - 26 cm feet best)


14. Next wedges in BROWN
Price: £10
Condition: New, tried them on but they are too small for me. There is a mark from where the buckle was (see pic below)
Size: UK 7 [though I feel that they would be comfier either for a narrow 7 or for a 6/6.5]

15. Brown faux-fur bolero  SOLD

Price: £8
Condition: New
Measurements: Marked as "M". Kinda flexible since it has no buttons and just ties at the front, but flat bust is ~18" and length is 14".


16. Henry Holland cardigan in NAVY x Red dots & apple-shaped buttons  SOLD
Price: £8
Condition: Excellent, no flaws
Size: UK 8. I'm a UK12 but I found this ideal for lolita dresses and skirts
Measurements taken flat: 15" bust, 20,5" length
The sleeves are meant to be 3/4 style.

My camera really can't pick up the colours of this accurately, this looks exactly like the stock pics:


17. H&M cropped cardi in PURPLE
Price: £4
Condition: A bit stretched at the hem (see pic) not sure if it's a loose fit by nature? But otherwise no flaws. 
Measurements taken flat: 18" bust, 15" length, 26" sleeve length

Note: For more accurate colour, see second pic. 
Material contains wool.  

With flash:

18. Black x White glittery butterfly tights  SOLD
Price: £3
Condition: Excellent, never worn.


19. Chocomint pony 2-way hairbow / pin
Price: £3
Condition: Excellent. Note that the green heart was added by me, the original was just empty there >_>

20. Chocomint Skull ring in Transparent purple
Price: £4
Condition: Excellent, no flaws
Note: This is not adjustable and it's an L size

21. Purple rose ring  SOLD
Price: £1
Condition: Great. A bit of glue is visible at the back where the base is stuck to the rose, but that's only visible upon really close inspection.
Note: Not adjustable


22. Accessorize Glittery Sweets pins set
Price: £1 for the set
Made out of wood
Condition: Like new, never used them

23. Golden hair bow x dark blue dots

Price: £4
Synthetic leather
This was originally an American Apparel plain gold bow but I added the dots to it so it would match Star Night Theater

Condition: Excellent
[Postcard for size comparison]


And that's all for this sales post, thanks for looking! 
If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them

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