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DS: 2 BTSSB skirt, 3 plus size (friendly) dresses, accessories

- My feedback can be found here (+52)
- I ship from Hungary, EU
- I make photo proof of shipping and tracking, so if you do not choose the EMS option wich is insured I'm not responsible if the package is lost
- first paypal address comes first
- I'm open to reasonable offers
- paypal fees are included!

PLEASE NO PM-s!! It's not fair with other buyers as well. NO PM-s!

1. BTSSB Versailles Rose 'Moliere' skirt in white

I bought it from a french lolita, who was the first owner of it, and I didn't have a chance to wear it yet. Since it had a slight yellowish fruit stain in the front left part, I took it to the dry cleaner, and now it's not even visible to take a photo of. If you want me to, I can try, but even my digital SLR can't picture it, it's so light among the busy flower pattern!

Price:  $100 + shipping

2. BTSSB Shizuku Rococo altered (plus size friendly) skirt in lavender

It was altered by using the waist ties by a professional seamstress. The front is still fixed, but the back shirring is bigger now.  It's one of the prettiest Baby prints I know, but since I lost a lot of weight and already own the cream version of it, I'd like to find a new loving home for this beauty.

Lenght: 54 cm
Waist: 75-90 cm

Price:  $90 + shipping

3. Anna House OP

Worn a couple of times, machine washable. Very comfortable dress for a plus size classic lolita!

(3/4 sleeves are also great for bigger arms.)

Bust (flat measurment): 52 cm
Waist: (flat measurment): 42 cm
Lenght: 100 cm
(Best fit for a 105 cm bust and 85 cm waist, but with waist ties it can be made smaller. It's a forever stylish cut, and works well for all body shapes!)

Price:  $45 + shipping

4. Dear Celine JSK (last reduction!)

I bought this dress last year, worn twice, still in great condition. The fabric is high quality japanese cotton, with tulle lace on the bottom. The dress arrived too big for my measurments, the straps were too long, so I took it to a professional seamstress who altered it with a button added, similar to Innocent World's dresses, see here:

Flat measurments:
Waist: 46 cm
Bust: 52 cm
(But with shirring fully stretched + 12 cm both)
Lenght with straps on minimum: 100 cm + 7 cm lace, but if you move the buttons there is extra 10 cm to spare, wich gives you +5 cm lenght to the dress.

For reference, here is a photo of myself - I'm 161 cm tall, and my measurments were 106 cm in bust, 92 cm in waist, in both area there was plenty of place, and lots of shirring to strech:

Price: $100  $80+ shipping  $65 + shipping!

5.  Bodyline Shiro lolita OP

Original listing is here.

Photos can't show it's true beauty, has a layer of built-in petti too. Looks great with a cupkace shaped petti!

Official measurments are not 100% correct, there is tons of back shirring, and it easily streched to my 106 cm bust and 90 cm waist. I'd define as plus size friendly, except for the sleeves - the dress itself has elastic and streches over 30 cm, but the princess sleeves are fixed with, so I don't recommend it for bigger arms.

Set includes: dress, chocker, button-down sleeves, and a big bow. You can see it on Bodyline's page. Dress worn once, handwashed.

Price:  $45 + shipping

6. 2 meters of silk angel fabric for a Juliette & Justine style dress

Same 100% silk fabric as Surface Spell and Lady Sloth uses. Got it from China, brand new.

Price:  $45 + shipping SOLD

Small accessories flea market:

Princess sleeves with elastic. You can use them to turn a short sleeve blouse into a long sleeve one, without using buttons, it just stays up on your arms fixed. Pure white, the lace is very soft.
Price:  $10 + shipping

Fake fur cream capelet with silk lining. A vintage piece for classic lolita. Closes with a metal clasp.
Price:  $5 + shipping

BTSSB Regimental Stripe black, navy and white striped OTK socks. Used, but in good condition. Works well with wider calves, very strechy, great for bigger legs!
Price:  $10 + shipping

Taobao burgundy / dark red velvet hairband with alice bunny and card charm, Innocent World style.
Price:  $10 + shipping

Taobao cream and roses classical headband with pearls and crystals.
Price:  $10 + shipping

BTSSB maxipad headdress in Berry Pink.
Price:  $2 + shipping

TaoBao navy bear hairband, works well with Innocent World's navy blue color, has leather inner lining.
Price:  $2 + shipping

Please comment your location for an estimate of shipping!

Shipping within EU countries start from $4 (small accessory) - $12 (jsk, bigger items)
Shipping to non-EU countries and overseas start from $5 - $20
Priority option is + $2, tracking option is + $4 extra

I can also combine shipping with jewelry from my classic lolita style brand shop:
Have a look around! :)

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