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WTB: Antique Bouquet, Gobelins floral, Black & Brown shoes, Little Lady (Catterfly) accessories,

Hello! I'm looking to buy a few items.
My feedback is here:
I live in 35640 in the USA.
My bust is 36-38" and my waist is 30".
That doesn't matter for the Antique Bouquet skirt, since I'm going to alter it.

I would like to buy something in Meta's Antique Bouquet print.
I'd especially like one of the sets they sold ages ago with a skirt, capelet, and head accessory.
Here's a picture of a set without the hair accessory:

The skirt must be gathered, not A-line. (I'm going to alter it.)

I'm also interested in other Antique Bouquet items if they will fit a 30" waist.

Another thing I'm interested in is gobelin print items. That is like the print that looks like a grandma's couch or something. I don't have any good images to give for what I'm looking for.

I'm also looking for some black shoes and some brown shoes. I wear size 7, or size M.
I'd like the brown ones to be so I can use them for sweet or classic lolita, and the black ones can be just sweet.
I had a problem last time I bought shoes on this comm, that they were much more worn than the pictures and description indicated and I was really disappointed. I don't mean that I'd only buy something that was perfect, but please be clear in the description ^_^

You know that IW Little Lady print? The one with the butterfly cats? They sold little pouch bags with that print on it. I would like one, but only one with a butterfly cat. If you are selling the long version of the skirt very cheaply I may also be interested.

Solid Colored detailed Meta OP/JSK
They're always making these. Like this. I'd prefer an OP. If you have accessories that go with it I would like those as well.

If you are selling something that you think I'd like for a cheap price, you can also offer that to me here. I like sweet and classic.

Less lolita:
Usamimi headbands, not pink.
Asian "kawaii" stickers and stationery
Clear socks with patterns (cheaply) like these.

Thank you so much!

Tags: !wtb, *plus size, *replica, any brand, color:black, color:brown, innocent world, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:shoes, item:skirt, metamorphose, offbrand
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