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DS: AP Ribbon Bag, AP Fantasic Dolly OTK, sax heart bag, rare BL socks DT/DS: Full-shirred blouse


♥ Terms of Sale ♥
• Shipping costs could be different because of weight of items.
• I don't smoke. I've a cat but I keep him away from my wardrobe.
• I'm not interested in trades at the moment, except where indicated.
• Priority goes to first buyer interested in the item but
confirmation and payment need to be sent within 3 days.

♥ Payment & Shipping ♥
I ship from Italy with safe methods.
I'm not responsible for any packages once shipped but I'll
provide the tracking code asap.
• For shipping in envelope I use standard tracked shipping.
Click here for prices and here to know in what zone you're located.
• For shipping in package (shoes, bags) I prefer EMS because it's
cheaper than standard shipping to oversea (-_-). Within EU
I use Quick Pack Europe, a little cheaper than EMS and tracked.
- Quick Pack up to 1kg to Europe: € 29;
- EMS up to 1kg to USA: € 31;
- EMS up to 1kg to Australia: € 41;
for other locations please ask.

Payment by PayPal only or bank transfer (within EU).
PayPal fees are NOT included in the prices.
PayPal fees are € 0,35 + 3,4% of the total.

♥ Feedback ♥
My feedback page here.

♥ Bodyline Full Shirring Blouse w/ detachable sleeves - White 

Condition: Worn 3/4 times, in perfect condition.
Size: One-size (M). BL measures are the following:
- Length: 52cm
- Bust: 78-104cm
- Shoulder width: 36cm
- Sleeve length: 24/38cm
But I measured it and bust/waist go up
to 115cm
without being tight.

Price€ 25 (SOLD)

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 8,50
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 11 (America, Asia), € 12 (Australia)

I sell it because it is too tight on shoulders for me (for reference, T2L
size of the same blouse fits me perfectly).
Detachable sleeves are included of course.

♥ Angelic Pretty Fantasic Dolly OTK Socks - White 

Condition: Brand new with tag, never worn.
Size: One-size. No upper laces so I suppose they fit comfortable.

Price: € 29 € 23

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 7
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 8 (America, Asia), € 9 (Australia)

Tour Eiffel version xD

♥ Bodyline Glittering Socks -  Black x Pink 

Condition: Never used, just tried to realize they're too thigh xD
Size: The glittering decoration aren't made of very stretchy threads
so they fit thin legs only.

Price: € 12 € 9,50

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 7
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 8 (America, Asia), € 9 (Australia)

Sold-out in Bodyline's website. I think they are AP replica.

Proof. (pink is more realistic in BL stock pic)

♥ Angelic Pretty Ribbon / Bow Bag - Dark Pink 

Condition: Perfect, brand new with tag.
Size: Capacious! 32x17x8cm.

Price: € 79 € 63

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 28,50
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 31 (USA), € 40 (Australia)
for other locations please ask.

I sell it for a friend who never used it. It's a rare color to find!

Proof. (it's not so flashy irl! AP pic is more realistic)

♥ Bodyline Heart Bag - Light blue 

Condition: Good condition, used 2-3 times.
Size: It is capacious; size is approximately like this other BL's bag: click.

Price: € 18 € 14

Shipping to Europe (tracked): € 28,50
Oversea shipping (tracked): € 31 (USA), € 40 (Australia)
for other locations please ask.

Color is like the original BL's pic, sorry if it looks more lilac in my photo :/


☆   Old sales: ☆ ☆ 
- Black op by F+F, bxw headdress, wig & Gaga hairbow
F+F black wool short cape

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