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!WTB: Brand Catalogs / !DS: (all sold)

Ok! really quick:
My feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/937775.html
I ship on Saturday mornings because I work when the post office is open M-F. That means it can be up to a week before I ship the item. If this is a problem, please let me know, and I can try to make arrangements for someone to take the parcel to the post office sooner.
On that same note, I work M-F, which means I can only answer questions before/after work, or on the weekends, so there may be a slight delay sometimes in me answering. It's not that I'm not interested or ignoring you, I'm just not online.

I am looking to buy the following catalogs:

Angelic Pretty:
1979-2005: ANY

2006: Winter, Spring, or Fall (I have the Summer one with blue stripes and candies on the cover already)
2007: Any
2008: Summer
2009-2010: Any
2011: Winter, Sprint or Fall
2012: Any

Baby Stars Shine Bright / Alice and the Pirates:
1988-2004: ANY

2005: Any, excluding the staple bound flat magazine style one titled 2005.A/W
2006: Any, excluding the staple bound flat magazine style one with no date, which on the first page shows Sleeping Beauty in Pink (http://lolibrary.org/node/1326) and opposite shows The flower Cart JSK in Black (http://lolibrary.org/node/4491) on the top of the page. (Baby, why didn't you out a date on this one? D=)
2007: Any
2008: Any other than the Mook bound Autumn & Winter (Cat and Yarn cover)
2009: Any other than the Mook bound Spring & Summer (Sweet Castle cover) or he Mook bound Autumn & Winter (Friend Usakumya cover) (if there are any others)
2010: Any other than the mook bound Spring and summer (cherry fallin' cherry cover), open-out Autumn (kitten teaparty / queen's coach cover), or open-out winter (creamy quartet / vampire forest cover)
2011: Any
2012: Any

Meta: ANY

Innocent World: ANY

Other Brands: Show me what you have?

And, I'm selling a couple duplicates I got from group lots:

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Catalog - 2009 Autumn/Winter Collection - $4 + Shipping
Contains BTSSB and Alice and the pirates items + names & prices, as well as coordinates.
73 pages
Mook style binding
15cm x 21cm
Condition: it's the tiniest bit bowed, so you can tell it's been read, and if you tilt it you can see a few little scuffs on the cover if the light catches it just right... but generally it's in good condition. tight binding, no dog-ears on the pages or anything. Features prints like Pony in a sweet dream, vampire requiem and Alice and the looking glass of time.

Baby the Stars Shine Bright Catalog - 2005 Autumn/Winter Collection - $3 + Shipping

Contains BTSSB and Alice and the pirates items + names & prices, as well as coordinates.
14 pages
Magazine style binding
18.5cm x 25.5cm
Condition: used. There is a small pin-head size brown mark on the back cover. The spine has some radiating creases on the cover and there are a couple little marks on the cover where it looks like it was poked by someone's finger and slightly bent? I'm not sure what to call them. The top corner is slightly bent. Considering the binding type and the age, it's still in pretty good shape, IMHO.

Kera Volume 101 / 2006 issue 12, December - $3 + Shipping


Features BTSSB/Alcie and the Pirates, BPN, Algonquins, Sex pot revenge, Vivienne Westwood, Double Decker, h.Naoto, Stigmata, Maxicmam, Angelic Pretty, Super Lovers, Makeup tips and hairstyling tips, Manga D[dix]28, an article about the second Nana movie (looks sort of like an interview with maybe the guy who played Ren and the guy who played Shin?), street snaps, a section of Spank! snaps, Individual Fashion expo snaps, fashion show snaps of Meta, BTSSB, 6% dokidoki,MM, Beth, chocochip cookie, heart E, BPN, Sexy Dynamite London, Algonquins, Qutie Frash, Deorart, Hilderock, with special guest Riku, ex.Aile, Kohsuke, Rolly, Kra, Daigo Stardust and Nana Kitade, etc, etc, etc.
226 pages
Magazine style binding
21cm x 29.5cmCondition: clearly used. back cover has some graying/scuffing, corners are a little dog-eared. the bottoms of a bunch of the pages are nicked where the binding is.

These are all scans of the actual item, made by me just now. More photos/scans showing item quality/condition available by request for potential buyers.
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