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DS: Melty Mermaid Princess, Atelier Pierrot, Rose Jail bonnet, Btssb, Angel of Music SK Rose Melody

-Payment by paypal or meetup or bank transfer (local buyers only)
-Prices are in USD and international shipping is shown at the side
-Priority goes to local buyers first, then to whoever can pay full price first.
-I ship from Singapore by airmail. Once the parcel leaves my hands, I am not responsible for anything that happens to it. I will make sure that it is wrapped in something waterproof and put in an envelope. Insurance is costly. If you want it, leave a message when you buy.
-Feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1046342.html
-For reference, my height is 5’8”;, bust 33.5 inches, waist 28 inches.
-Non-smoking, non-animal household.
-I reserve the right to refuse a sale

1) AatP Melty Mermaid Princess SK in WhiteXBlue New with Tags + matching OTK Socks (only tried on) $240 + $20 shipping
Melty Mermaid Princess + socks
Lolibrary: http://lolibrary.org/node/8099
Willing to trade for the Navy version. =)

2)Atelier Pierrot OP in Black $120 + $20 shipping
Bust: 60-98cm (any further and I’m afraid it may gape)
Waist : free
Length: 95cm.
Detachable neck ties. Feeling of wear is present. There is a side zip. Back is fully shirred.

3) Rose Jail Bonnet in Ivory $70 + $15 shipping
rose jail

4) Rose Melody Angel of Music SK in Black $35 +25 shipping (bulky item)
Rose Melody angel of music skirt
Waist 72cm. Unshirred.

5) Baby the Stars Shine Bright Peter Pan Blouse $65 +$17 shipping
New and never worn
The item is made with a thick black fabric, embroidered with silver thread and has an inner petti, so it’s poofy by itself.

4) Stained Baby the Stars Shine Bright Cutsew $60 + $12 shipping

There is a round yellow stain that is 0.3 cm diameter on the right sleeve. It doesn’t show up on my camera so I couldn’t get a picture, but it is very small, light and not noticeable when worn.
Detachable sleeves, very wearable for casual. Good for wearing under jsks or with a skirt. The cutsew is very soft and stretchy and can fit a range of sizes.

5) Stained Beauty and the Rose Promise Parka $45 + $12 shipping ON HOLD
Hellolace: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/alice-and-the-pirates/type/cutsew-and-knit/item/20/
alice and the pirates beauty and the rose promise
There is a feeling of wear. There are two small stains
DSC05020 that are about less than 0.2cm diameter. I have tried to take a picture.

***Please do not offer me these items below. I do not want them. If you offer them I will ignore you. n__n” If your item meets any of the criteria below but is still on my WTB list, then I still want to buy it despite it meeting the criteria. =)
1) Any items from Metamorphose
2) Any solid colour dresses from Baby the Stars Shine bright
3) Any offbrand, handmade, or taobao items.
4) The only items from Angelic Pretty I am interested in are the chandelier SK in Black or Wine and the Macaron Tartan Riders jsk in mint. Nothing else please.
5) Any floral items from Victorian Maiden.
6) Replicas.
7) Bodyline.
8) Stained items. No stained items. I’m currently trying to get rid of all the stained stuff I own.
9) All brown or purple or pink dresses, skirts, blouses and items.
10) In addition, just because your item’s cost price when brand new is higher than my current item’s asking price =/= your item has a higher value = I should do a trade + money for your item. If your item is something I’m searching for, then it will have higher personal value to me, and I will be happy to offer you more for your item. If this is not the case, then please desist from offering me, for example, a Btssb Babydoll JSK which cost $250 new for a $200 item of mine in trade and ask me to top up $50.
11) Last but not least, if you think I *might* not like it, I *probably* won’t like it. Please don’t offer it to me.

I may accept trades. For a guesstimation of what I might like, feel free to peruse my wardrobe and WTB list.

VM Rose Card OP (jsk) in black only ** major WTB. Please do contact me if you are interested in selling this item! I’m willing to pay cost price for it (maybe more if it’s new. I really want to buy it from you!) For this dress I am willing to trade any of the items above + cash. I also have a Rose Jail SK in ivory + bonnet, Drosselmeyer SK in Navy available for trade for this item.
Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK in red only (bonus if you have the necklace+headbow!)
BtssB Koitsukihime.
Thank you for looking. Please feel free to ask any questions.

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