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DS: Reduced SWIMMER headphones, ETC Fox/Forest Jsk, Lavender Blouse

Terms of sale:

EGL Feedback
Positive: 61
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0 

Prices include shipping anywhere (Airmail from Nagoya, Japan). 
A note about shipping... I am a full-time student and walk to the post office, so sometimes I don't have time to pack everything up and go. In the past I'd be really delayed in shipping items, but it's my goal to get things sent out within 7 days of payment now. 

If you have requests, like "please use extra bubble wrap" etc just let me know, I'll be happy to help. xD

+ Paypal only please.

+ I'm willing to work out layaways/holds with a deposit.

+ I'll always try to leave feedback if you do the same! ^^ 

1) SWIMMER Marshmallow Headphones (STRAWBERRY/hot pink band)

Brand new. Will be sent in a box to prevent damage. 

This pair of headphones is the bottom right design in the stock picture. The quality is very good! And the adjustable band makes them very comfortable.

2.) Emily Temple Cute Forest JSK ("Fox Trot" Jsk)

This was my dream Jsk for the longest time. ; ^ ; But I haven't worn lolita in a few months, and it's kind of a shame to see these things just sitting in wardrobe bags. It is, literally, good as new.

It has brown velvet straps and adorable lace on the collar. it is fully lined and functional across seasons. It's also very versatile for coordinates. I'd say the bust and waist are pretty much free... If you have a 36" bust or less it would be best. ^^ 

3.) "Kick Out Regrets" offbrand lavender blouse
$60 USD

Bought from a little shop downtown. It is literally like new. (The buttons are all still attached, it's just not fully buttoned up on the hanger.)

This is an original off brand but comparable to brand quality. This particular blouse is a lovely light purple/lavender hue. The lace is cotton and embroidered with a ribbon design. They only come in one size, comparable to a US Large. I'd say if you have a 36" bust and 32" waist or less it should be perfect. Though I believe out could go up to 38" bust easily.

I love this blouse and have am keeping one in pink personally! I just don't have dresses with lavender in them, so this should find a new home. 

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