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DS: Brand jackets, dresses, tops, skirts and purses (52 items total, many discounted!)

Paypal only please.

I have a catShe isn't allowed into my walk in closet where I keep my loli clothes, but she is an explosive shedder, so keep this in mind if you have severe cat allergies.

Payment is accepted in either Canadian$ OR US$ (at par).  Please let me know if which currency you'd like to be invoiced in or I will default on US$ for American buyers and CDN$ for Canadian buyers and CDN$ for everyone else (unless you specify you'd like US$ invoice).

Layaway is available with a $20 non-refundable deposit (sent as a paypal "gift") for up to 2 months.  You can lay out how many payments/payment amounts.  I'm flexible as long as there is good communications.  I will send an invoice for only one payment in the layaway plan (the rest must be made as paypal "gifts") as paypal will end up charging me more overall for many small payments instead of one big payment.  However, if you agree to pay the paypal fees, I will happily send invoices for however many payments you need/want.

Preference may be given to buyers from US and Canada due to long international shipping times, but I usually go with whoever is first to ask to be invoiced gets first dibs.  I reserve the right to give preference to a US/Canadian buyer if the sale hasn't been finalized with invoicing.


$10 via Expedited Parcel (insured and tracked)

$10 for accessories or $16 for clothing via Small Packet Airmail (insured up to $100, no tracking)
$21 via Expedited Parcel (insured and tracked)

$11 for accessories or $19 for clothing via Small Packet airmail (insured up to $100, no tracking) for up to 500g.  Heavier items will cost more to ship, so please ask for a quote.
Tracking is only available by EMS, which starts at $60 (CanadaPost is crazy, I know).

Combined shipping is available worldwide, so please wait for a quote if you are buying more than one item. ^^

Disclaimer: I cannot and will not be held responsible for parcels if no tracking number is purchased.  If you want a tracking number, please request Expedited Parcel shipping or EMS.

Package value can be marked down, but please keep in mind that the package can only be insured for the amount declared, so if you want a $100 item marked down to $40 on the package, it can only be insured for $40.  Please let me know if you want the value marked down before or at the same time you request an invoice and also include what amount you want the value to be marked as.

My dressform measures (for reference purposes only)
Bust: 35in
Waist: 27in
Hips: 37in
Girth: Approx. 60-62in (hard to measure since it has no "crotch" to measure around properly...)
This pretty much matches a US Medium/US 6/UK 10.  It's girth also matches mine very closely and I'm 5'7", so it is not a "petite" size mannequin like what you'd find in the brands' stock pictures.

Feedback (and lots of it):

No holds. First to invoice gets first dibs.

1. Alice and the Pirates Double Breasted Strappy Coat  $130
Back view
With capelet removed
Condition:  Excellent used condition.  Removable capelet.  Includes extra buttons.  The bottom is full enough it can easily fit over top of a loli skirt.  Great worn on it's own or as part of an aristocrat or lolita coordinate.
Bust:  38in
Waist:  32in
Shoulder width: 15.5in

2. Algonquins ruffle bottom jacket  $65
Close up
Condition: Excellent condition.  Worn a few times by the previous owner, tried on by me.  I decided to allow myself to get a new jacket for spring and wound up getting 3, so I'm selling this one since I'm least likely to wear this one and I feel a bit bad for buying so many jackets at once (when I already have over a dozen brand jackets since they're my obsession along with corset skirts).  It's made from a pink pinstripe fabric with pink stitching.  You can unbutton the collar at the top and zip it all the way up for a regular single pointed collar look, or you can zip it as I have in the picture for the large lapel look.  The button hole on the left chest flap has a button that it attaches to.  I just forgot to do it up when I was taking the picture.  Really cute ruffle bottom that can accomodate a sightly poofy lolita skirt or you can wear it casually for a partially girly, partially punky look.  The belt loops are pretty standard sized, so you can use a belt of your choosing to change up the look instead of using the belt it comes with (which is removable.
Shoulder width:15.5in
Sleeve length: 23in
Bust: 34in-36in (stretchy fabric)
Waist: 32in (Adjustable with removable belt)
Length: 35in
3. BtSSB Off-white Sleeping Alice OP  $165  SOLD
Close up
Hellolace link
Condition:  Excellent condition, some yellowing inside the neckline and short sleeves.  Worn (I think it was) 2 times by the previous owner and tried on by me.  Removable bell sleeves.  I think there's a tiny bit of yellowing on some parts of the narrow satin ribbon (the stuff weaved into the lace trim) around the neck and in one spot on one of the removable sleeves, but it's so slight, I'm not sure if it's yellowing or just the ribbon having a yellow-ish sheen since the ribbon isn't stark white. *_*;;  In any case, the yellowing might be removable with bleach or stain remover, but I haven't tried since I've decided to sell it.
Shoulder Width: 15in
Bust:  36in
Waist:  30in (can be made smaller with waist ties)
Length:  37in
4. Putumayo Wild Rose OP in red/black  $130  SOLD
Hellolace link
Back view
Loose threads
Condition:  Excellent used condition.  The ruffles are layers of pleated chiffon.  The waist ties are not removable and are long enough to be tied at the back or the front.  Has a bit of loose thread on the waist band that can easily be trimmed (looks like the hem on the inside of that seem got folded cause that seem isn't actually fraying).
Bust:  33in-42in
Waist:  28in-32in
Length: 34in

5. MMM Holy Stained Glass OP  $400
Close up plus tag
Hellolace link
Condition:  Brand new with tag.  Only tried on once.  Beautifully made out of thick, sheer chiffon and is fully lined.  It took quite a bit of effort for me to get this dress, but after finally getting my hands on it, I simply don't like how it looks on me (the puff sleeves just make it too "cute" for my intentions of using it for EGA).  Very comfy dress that's elastic in the shoulders, in the back and around the sleeves.  Shoulder width is my recommendations since there is no zipper, so it has to be slipped on over the head.
Shoulder Width: 16in
Bust:  34in-38in (elastic under-bust)
High Waist/Under-bust:  28in-34in (elastic in the back and can be made smaller with waist ties)
Length:  42in
6. Innocent World Diana OP in brown  $175  SOLD
Hello Lace page
Condition: Brand new without tags.  Tried on once.  The belt and neck bow are removable.
Shoulder width 15.5in
Sleeve length 23in
Bust 36in
Waist 29in (can be made smaller with removable belt)
Length 37in
Shipping included for Canada and USA by expedited post (includes insurance and tracking); +$15 for shipping elsewhere by airmail (includes insurance but no tracking)

7. Juliette et Justine brown Velvet Tea-length OP  $200
Condition: Used, excellent condition.  Previous owner wore it once and I have only tried it on to find that it is too small for me.  Absolutely beautifle OP with thick, plush velvet with soft satin lining and zips up the back with an invisible zipper.  Tea length hem for an extra elegant appearance.
Shoulder width 15in
Bust 33in
Waist 26in
Length 45in
8. Metamorphose brown tweed JSK and barrette $130  SOLD
Laid flat
Condition: Brand new with tags.  Tried on once.  Comes with matching bow barrette.  The tweed is a mix of a rich chocolate brown and a lighter greyish brown.  Partial back shirring and is fully lined with a built-in petticoat.  The shoulder straps can be adjusted (another 4 inches can be added) by moving the button that they're attached in the back with.  Also includes an extra fabric covered button that matches the buttons used on the shoulder straps and waist ties.
Bust 32in-40in
Waist 27in-34in (can be made smaller with removable waist ties)
Length 37in
9. h Naoto Frill Castle Embroidery JSK in black/pink  $155  SOLD
Additional pic
Condition:  Excellent used condition.  Tried on twice by me, never worn out.  Black on black fairytale print with an embroidered castle border on a nice thick fabric.  Partial shirring in the back and very comfortable to wear.
Bust:  30in-37in
Waist:  28in-34in
Length:  35in

Side view
Jane Marple off-white JSK and underskirt set $60
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn 4-5 times by the previous owner (I think, hard to remember) and tried on by me.  It's made from a super thick, soft woven fabric.  There are a couple of snags in the fabric, but they're very slight and barely noticable when it's worn.  the tulle trim is part of the chiffon underskirt.  It can be worn together or the JSK alone
Bust:  32in-35in
High Waist:  27in-29in
Length:  34in without tulle trim / 38in with tulle trim
10. BtSSB Rosina Stripe Scallopette JSK  $120 SOLD
Lolibrary information
Condition: Brand new without tags.  Shoulder straps button on in the back with 2 sets of button holes and are easiloy adjustable.  Pockets on both sides!  Super cute for fairy kei, loli or casual outfits.
Bust: Free
Waist: 34in (can be made smaller with removable waist ties)
Length: 35in (can be made shorter with adjustable shoulder straps)
Additional pic
11. Meta dusty rose summer dress JSK  $80  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn a few times by the previous owner and tried on by me.   Laces up the front and has adjustable shoulder straps.  Extremely comfy.  A nice dim, dusty pink colour as opposed to the usual powder pink.
Bust:  33-39in
Waist:  32in max (can be made smaller with removable waist ties and corset lacing)
Length:  36in (shoulder straps are adjustable; measurement taken as worn on the dress form)

Close up
Hello Lace Entry
12. BtSSB pink Cinderella print skirt  $110

Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn a few times by the previous owner, and tried on by me.  It smells a bit like bleach, but this should be easy to wash out or air out.  I recently managed to buy the same print/colour in a different format, so I'm selling it to remove the redundancy from my wardrobe.  The print is beautiful and intricate with different drawings in each frame.
Waist:  24in-27in (partially shirred)
Length:  21in

Close up
13. AatP Side Frill Houndstooth Skirt  $90
Hellolace link
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn once by previous owner and worn once by me.  I'd love to see this lovely skirt go to someone who will wear it lots.  It's a great piece with a nautical feel.  Very "captain-y" with the buttons and chains. XD
Waist:  24in
Length:  21.5in

Cornet Black Skirt with Built-in Petticoat  $40
Condition: Used in good condition.  Built in petticoat and lots of floof.  Very cute basic black skirt or can be worn as a super poofy petticoat.
Waist: 23in - 26in (slightly elastic on the sides)
Length: 21.5in

Close up
14. Putumayo black cat print skirt w/ underskirt  $40  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn a couple of times by the previous owner and tried on by me.  It's a nice simple skirt that's easy to wear for loli or casually.  The waistband is fixed with no stretch (which is why I'm selling it, since it's too small for me).  The underskirt can be worn with it or they can be worn separately as two different skirts.  The cat print is in silver ink and reminds me a whole lot of Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service. XD
Waist:  24.5in
Length:  17in

15. Atelier Pierrot light blue stripe corset skirt  $140
Close up
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn a couple of times by the previous owner.  Tried on by me.  I own too many blue corset skirts, so I'd like to see this go to someone who will give it lots of love.  The corset portion can actually cinch your waist by a couple of inches if you want and has several plastic bones (is a proper corset, but not suitable for waist training).
Waist: 22in-27in (lace up in front, zips up the back)
Length: 28in (this can be made shorter by wearing a poofy petticoat, and there is a LOT of space for poof)
Corset Height: 9in

16. Atelier Pierrot black corset skirt  $160
Close up
Condition:  Excellent condition.  I've worn it about 8-10 times, but I've been super careful with it since it was my very first Atelier Pierrot corset skirt (I own 6 now).  I managed to get another version of the black corset skirt and I'd like to see this go to someone who will give it lots of love.  The corset portion can actually cinch your waist by a couple of inches if you want and has several plastic bones (is a proper corset, but not suitable for waist training).
Waist: 23in-28in (lace up in front, zips up the back)
Length: 24in
Corset Height: 9in
17. AP black Strawberry Heart Bolero  $60  SOLD
Hellolace entry
Additional pic
close up of broken stitch
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Bought used, worn once by me for about 2 hours.  I bought it a couple of years ago to go with my black CBB OP (to stay warm in the winter), but I noticed that I really don't tend to wear the OP in winter, so I'm selling it since I haven't worn it in over 2 years.  Made from 100% wool, so it's very warm!  It has some pilling around the sides that can probably be easily removed with a depilling tool and it has one broken stitch right at the back of the neck (which I've checked carefully and it will NOT unravel at all).
Shoulder Width: 15-16in (stretchy)
Bust:  32-40in
Length:  14in
Sleeve length: 21in

Close up of hood
Worn pic
18. BtSSB pink bunny hooded cardigan with removable sleeves  $55  SOLD
Condition: Good condition, worn by previous owner, only tried on by me.  Slight pilling.  

Shoulder width: 16in
Bust: 32in-38in
Waist: 31in (stretchy)
Length: 17in (not including hood)

19. h Anarchy black cardigan  $42 SOLD
Condition:  Good condition.  Worn and washed many times by the previous owner and tried on by me.  I was looking forward to getting a new casual cardigan to wear, but it's a bit too big on me.  The fabric is a little faded from frequent washing, but still in great shape.  There's a pocket on each side and the safety pin design on the back is embroidered.  The "pin stripe" is actually a chain design that is screenprinted on the fabric.  Would look great guys or ladies.
Shoulder width:  17in
Sleeve length:  27in
Bust:  36in-40in
Waist:  35in-39in
Length:  25in
20. h Naoto Blood black bolero  $35  SOLD
Condition:  Good condition.  Worn many times by me (around 8-9).  It's made from cut-sew material and is extremely comfortable.  The back has a white panel of fabric under the corset lacing with a screen printed design on it.  It closes with two sets of ribbons along the front.  The fabric does feel a bit worn in, but there's no damage aside from the logo on the ribbons being faded from use.  Great for gothic lolita, EGA or casual outfits.
Shoulder width:  15in
Sleeve length: 14in
Bust:  32in-40in (adjustable with back corset lacing)
Waist:  30in-38in (adjustable with back corset lacing)
Length:  19in

21. Metamorphose Crushed Velvet Cardigan in dark pink $12 SOLD
Condition:  Brand new.  Got it in an LP and it's just lived in the back of my closet since.  I'm just not a fan of crushed velvet.
Shoulder Width: 15.5in
Sleeve Length: 22.5in
Bust: 34in-36in
Waist: 31in-33in
Length: 17in

22. Gouk half length sleeve top  $20 (on right, the tote bag has already been sold)
Condition: Good condition.  Worn a few times, but still in great shape, though has some pilling here and there.  This was one of my favourite tops for a while, but I don't wear it anymore.  Extremely comfortable.
Bust: 33in-40in (LOTS of stretch, can go a bit bigger if you don't mind stretching the screenprint design)
Length: 20.5in
Sleeve Length: 10.5in
Without neck bow
Red mark on sleeve
Collar yellow stains
23. Atelier Boz white blouse with silver pinstripe  $55  SOLD
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn a couple of times by the previous owner and Tried on by me.  There is a small 1inch red-ish mark on the right sleeve and the inside of the collar is yellowed.  Both stains may be removable with some bleach, but I haven't tried since I haven't had the chance to wear it before deciding to sell it.  The bow is removable.  The fabric is a nice thick white cotton with a silver pinstripe.  It has corset lacing in the back to adjust the sizing and fit perfectly to your body.
Shoulder width:  16in
Sleeve length:  25in
Bust:  32in-37in
Waist:  26in-31in (adjustable with corset lacing)
Length:  22in
24. Peace Now spider web collar blouse  $45  SOLD
Condition: Good condition.  Worn several times by the previous owner and worn twice by me.  I got this a long time ago, but haven't worn it in a long time, so I think it's time to let it go.  The spider web pattern is stitched into the collar.  It would be great for kodona or gothic lolita.
Shoulder width:  16in
Sleeve length:  23in
Bust:  36in
Waist:  32in
Length:  24in

25. Off-brand pink/brown blouse  $30
Condition:  Brand new.  Package only opened for the proof picture.  Never even tried it on since I had bought it go match my AP Milky-chan dress, but I didn't like how the dress looked on me and sold it before I had a chance to wear it with the blouse, and I don't have anything left that would match the blouse.  It would work well with a lot of brown AP prints (ie, Milky-chan and Melty Chocolate).  There are some stray threads that are hanging around.  They're not super long though, but can't hurt to snip them off.
Soulder width:  15in
Bust:  35in
Waist:  31in
Length:  25in
26. Putumayo black frill sleeve cut-sew  $36  SOLD
Print close up
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Worn by the previous owner and tried on by me.  I bought it on a whim some time ago, but it's really not my style anymore.  Great for casual wear as well as for lolita.  There are ruffles on the sides of the bell sleeves with corset style lacing over top (so you can control how "belled" the sleeves are).  The lace ruffles around the sleeve cuffs show a bit of wear, but not very noticable when worn.  The text at the top of the print reads "Innocent Insanity" in case you can't see it clear enough in the close up.
Shoulder width: 16in
Sleeve length:  23in
Bust:  33in-38in
Waist:  28in-33in
Length:  20in

27. h Anarchy t-shirt  $25 SOLD
Condition:  Brand new with tags.  I haven't even tried it on because I realized it was too small for me as soon as I received it.  It's a great girl t-shirt.  A nice change from the usual guy shaped t-shirts that h Naoto releases.  Very stretchy.
Shoulder width: 14in (can stretch to fit 15in)
Bust:  28in-34in
Waist:  27in-32in
Length:  20in
Close up
28. Putumayo chiffon stars tank top  $30
Condition:  Excellent condition.  Not sure how often it's been worn by the previous owner, but there is some wear on the upper fabric.  The chiffon has no damage or wear that I can spot.  The shoulder straps are adjustable.  There is no zipper, so please make sure that the max underbust measurement will fit over your hips or over head.  There is a chess themed silver print on the chiffon.
Bust:  Free, but I'd recommend no larger than a B cup
Under-bust:  Up to 40in (mostly shirred)
Length:  27in

29. Putumayo blue and white striped tank top  $25  SOLD
Condition: Excellent condition.  Black print on a light blue and white striped tank top.
Bust: 29in-36in
Waist: 26in-31in
Length: 19.5in

Close up
Hello Lace Entry
30. AP piano boston bag $70

Condition:  Good condition.  Used by the previous owner.  Never used by me.  These are a few scratches, mostly on the back and some stains/lint on the inside (see pictures), but the bag is sturdy and in good condition otherwise.  There's a lot of space inside for all your daily necessities.
Width: 14in
Height: 10in
Depth: 3.5in

Close up
31. Meta white Rose Embroidery Purse $60  sold
Condition:  Good condition.  Used a couple of times as the previous owner, never used by me.  The strap is adjustable so you can wear it slung over one shoulder or cross-body.  The design is embroidered and the winged cross design is metal.  There is an additional pocket inside and on the back of the purse.  There are some small stains on the inside and some very light stains on the surface.  The top right corner of the purse has a little bit of the finish rubbed off, but I couldn't capture it in the picture.  The damage is very slight and hardly noticeable when the bag is worn.  The zipper pulls are little antique gold hearts.
Width:  8.5in
Height:  6.5in
Depth:  3in

32. Meta red Round Purse $65  SOLD
Condition:  Brand new with tags.  Never used.  I got it in a recent lucky pack, but it doesn't match anything I own (or anything in the LP for that matter).  It comes with a short strap and a long strap, so you can carry it by the handle, or hang it from your shoulder.
Width/Height: 10.5in (it's perfectly round)
Depth: 3in

33. Patchy leather bat wings cell phone pouch (wings and straps are leather, bag body is pleather) - used, excellent condition $25
34. Patchy leather bat wings tote bag
(wings and straps are leather, bag body is pleather) - used, excellent condition $35

open view
35. AP red Milky-chan make up bag - used, some glitter reminants on the inside and the piping is slightly poking though onepiping channel at the bottom on one side $30

Lavender bow (with more accurate colour)
IW lavender bow hair comb - new SOLD
36. IW black small bow hairband - new $14

37. AP ivory side bow hairband - used, excellent condition $24

38. AP white faux fur heart shaped canotier - new $24 SOLD

39. AP Aurora RIbbon barette in black/pink - new $25
40. AP Aurora Ribbon ring in black/pink (approx. US size 6-6.5) - new $20
(Both AP Aurora barrette and ring for $40+shipping)

41. BtSSB gold bow haircomb (approx. 2in wide) - used, excellent condition $16 
42. BtSSB silver-plated bow haircomb (approx. 2in wide) - used, slightly tarnished (needs polishing) $16
BtSSB silver-plated bow barrette (approx. 2in wide)  SOLD
43. BtSSB silver-plated small bow hairpin - used, slightly tarnished (needs polishing) $6
44. BtSSB silver-plated large bow hairpin - used, slightly tarnished (needs polishing) $9
45. BtSSB silver-plated large bow with dangle hairpin - used, slightly tarnished (needs polishing) $14
(All 3 BtSSB silver hairpins for $26+shipping)  SOLD
46. Chocomint hairpin lot (2 pink, 2 purple, 1 whip cream) - new $8

close up
47. Chocomint purple cupcake necklace - new $8
48. Chocomint ice cream cone necklace - new

49. Meta red plastic bow ring - new $12

50. BtSSB gold large bow and pearls brooch - used, excellent condition $20

51. BPN Halloween themed earbuds - new $24
52. Swimmer strawberry cord organizer - new $10  SOLD

Paypal only.
First to invoice gets first dibs.  I reserve the rights to give priority to a buyer from the USA or Canada over an international one if the sale is not finalized yet with invoicing.
No trades.

In light of the recent scamming incident, please PM me your paypal address.  You can "claim" your place in line for an item by just leaving a comment like "I want to buy XXX, PMing you my paypal for the invoice."

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