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DS: F+F, Betsey Johnson, PEACE NOW, etc.

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  • don't hesitate to ask if you need more measurements or photos!
  • please DO NOT send me PMs; I normally only check comments and I may not see your message
  • I will not be able to ship any packages until Monday at the earliest
  • feel free to make an offer, I need everything gone! 
  • Prices are in CAD

Octopus is my proof!

Betsey Johnson Black Jacket

With Flash, tag

I bought this last summer from a Betsey Johnson store, but I haven't really worn it as it's a little big on me in the shoulders. It's a US size 2 and in perfect condition. I'm asking $100 shipped to Canada/US and $110 shipped international

F+F Brown Corduroy Breeches with Suspenders

I got these a couple years ago for a costume and only ever wore them twice. I bought them in the "Lady 75" size (64 cm waist/102 cm hip). They also come with removable suspenders that button onto the inside of the waist. You can check out the stock photo and more measurements here. I'm asking $35 shipped to Canada/US and $45 shipped international

Peace Now Sweater

With flash

I bought this when I went to Sakura Con, and although it's super adorable, I've found myself in a bit of debt that I really need to pay off, so I have to let it go. :(  It's VERY roomy and comfy, basically a one size item. I can take measurements if you would like. To put it into perspective, here's a worn photo. I'm asking $100 shipped to Canada/US and $110 shipped international

White Cosworx Bob Wig

I purchsed this several years ago and only ever wore it once. It's in good condition, but since it's an older wig, it's a bit shinier than what you may be used to nowadays. :P  I didn't take another picture of it since I thought I could find a stock photo, but I'm at a loss! Here's a picture of me in it many years ago haha:

I'm asking $25 shipped in Canada/US and $30 shipped international

Black Offbrand Skirt

With Flash

I can't remember where I bought this from, but it's very cute! The only drawback is that the high waist part is not boned, so the fabric folds over easily when tightened. There is a panel of shirring and some corset lacing on the back of the skirt. Measurements are:
Waist: 65 - 80cm
Length: 56cm

I'm asking $30 shipped to Canada/US and $40 shipped international

Thank you for looking!! :)

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