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DS: heavy price reductions blouses, wig, and shoes!

Hello, I'm ready to have these things gone!

I would love for you to know that I have two long-haired cats in the house and I ship from California.
Prices listed include shipping within the USA.

If you have not left paypal (please only do this if you are buying) please reply within 5 hours, else the item may go to the next in line.
Priority goes to the first person that offers to pay for the item not necessarily the first person to ask a question.

Please let me know if you have any questions!
feedback can be found at:
Eglfeedback and at Ebay

Angelic Pretty Marionette Clock Cutsew black and White (NWOT) - $145 $110 $75 shipped USA ($155 $125 $85 shipped international) (Sold)

My husband bought this from the AP store for me as a Christmas gift but it sadly doesn't look quite right on me. Please give this cutsew a good home; it is brand new without tags ( I have only tried it on). The black and white bow is detachable and the measurements according to Lolibrary are as follows: Shoulders are approximately 34 cm (13 3/8"), Sleeve length approximately 58 cm (23"), cuff approximately 58 cm (23"), cuff approximately 22cm (8 3/4"), the bust is 84.5cm (33 1/4"), length 59cm (23 1/4"), and waist 82cm (32 1/4").


Black Peace Now for Men white Blouse (NWT) - $70 $55 $35 shipped in the USA ($75 $60 $40 Shipped international)(SOLD)

This shirt is new with tags. It has only been tried on. It is a men’s size with roughly a 39” chest (99 cm) and a 16 “ wing tip collar (41 cm). It was originally priced $160 but does not fit my husband (or me for that matter). The shirt is tuxedo style button down with the center panel tapering into a V. There are two types of buttons used and the fabric has a lovely dotted texture.


Black Peace Now Men’s size Black T-shirt (NWT)- $25 $10 Shipped in the USA ($30 $15 Shipped international)(sold)

This T-shirt is sized Men’s and is new with tags, originally priced $76, Unstreached the chest measures 34” (86 cm) and is 24 long (61 cm).


West Bay Human Hair Blend Wig - $50 $40 shipped in the USA ($60 $50 shipped international)

Originally I paid over $100 for this wig, but I just don't wear it enough to keep it. This wig has only been worn two times and is in perfect condition. It is extremly easy to care for and is a blend of synthetic and human hair.



Vintage burgundy suede shoes -$25 shipped in the USA ($35 shipped international)

These shoes are vintage and in a well worn state.  They are a US size 6 with lovely cutouts.


Bottom of shoes                Top of Shoes                    Back of shoes

Please feel free to ask questions!

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