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DS: AP Marionette Clock Halter JSK Ivory + accessorries and a wig

-Prices are listed in USD
-shipping is not included
-I only accept paypal
-I ship from canada and use the canada post website to estimate my shipping costs
-I will be accepting offers on the items listed, no trades

-if you are interested please send me your postal code/zip code so I can send a shipping quote
-first person to confirm payment gets it
-I have never shipped a lolita dress before, so please be as specific as possible in your shipping requests
-tracking number may cost extra, if you need one please let me know
-insurance will cost extra, let me know if you want it

-I have 2 cats and a dog in my house, but the dress is kept in a dress bag, as well as hung in a closest with a plastic sheet over for protection. Im sorry if there are a few hairs on the dress, a lint roller will remove them easily

I have lots more pics of everything available here
egl feedback:

*I want to sell everything as a set, as the accessories were made to match, only if there is no interest will I part out

Included in sale:

1) AP Marionette Clock Halter JSK

stock side  stock back

more proof

sizes: This is a halter dress
bust: my bust is 90cm and it is still a bit baggy i would recommend +90cm bust
waist: 71cm, but can be adjusted with waist ties

-the dress has a removable bow at the collar bone
-I am the second owner of this dress, the first owner only wore it once, and I have only worn it once. I did however, take in the sides (under the armpit) with a very wide stitch so the bust would fit better. I have taken out the stitching and there is no visible damage (cannot be seen with my camera) done to the outside, however, there are some very small holes noticeable on the lining (inside)
-the dress has a few very minor flaws (I believe most were done during production)
-Flaw 1: there is a very small hole in the black ribbon underneath the 7 (it is right under a stitch, so I believe it came like that)
-Flaw 2: on on of the waist ties a small part (maybe an inch) of the ribbon was not stitched down.
-Flaw 3: the small holes in the lining of the dress due to the stitching
-Flaw 4: very small hole in the black ribbon of one of the waist ties (it is also right under a stitch, just like flaw 1) all the flaws are very very minor, and can not be noticed unless you are looking very close, I had a hard time finding them to take the pics

2) Handmade headbow

I made a headbow in a similar fabric and style to match the dress. It is not lined, but very comfy none the less.

3) Handmade umbrella

I made a clock umbrella with the same style of numbers on the dress. As well as a similar style of hands that can be found on the matching clock bag. The numbers, symbols and hands were all hand painted by me in acrylic paint, took me 4 hours (at least).

4) washing instructions and purchase papers from original purchase can be included, if you are interested.

Total Price: $350 + shipping

Medium length Honey Gold/blonde Wig $40 + shipping

Originally purchased for $50 + shipping
Heat Resistant, and excellent quality
Tangle Free
Only worn outside once (same wig as in proof pic above)

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, color:cream, handmade, item:accessory, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:wigs
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