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DS! - GLBs, AP, MmM, Metamorphose !!! - WTB cutsews/blouses or headwear !

Hi everyone 

My Feedback :  (+11) http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/742792.html 

--------------------- INFORMATION ----------------------

- All prices include paypal fees, and are in CANADIAN $$. 
- First person to leave paypal has priority. NO BACK UP (I will leave negative feedback). 
- Don't hesitate to ask questions :) 
- All items are from no pet/no smoke house :) 
- I will usually ship in 48h after payment is received, unless it's week-end (obviously). 
- Please take in consideration Canada Post is very expensive :( I try my best to pack small and safe, but :( 
- Shipping prices are *approx*. If it ends up being less (of more than 1$), I give back the excess money the same day of the shipping day. 

********* SALES **********

Metamorphose large size long sleeved blouse - 40$ obo SOLD

Bought a long time ago new from Metamorphose website. It has been worn, but is still in good condition. **BUT at the back, as shown on the pictures, the shirring lines have been removed, letting only the waist line with the elastic. The two short ties that could tie up as a bow are not there (lost them ;_; ) It is as shown on the pictures. It looks a little grey on the pictures, but it is black. 

Bust : 98~102 approx. 

Waist : 86~100 approx

North America : 10$
Europe : 12$
Asia/Oceania : 14$


Angelic Pretty WristCuffs black - 30$  RESERVED doudoum

Bought new last year at Angelic Pretty in Harajuku. Worn once for few hours. 

SHIPPING : (will be sent in bubble enveloppe)
North America: 6$
Europe/Asia : 8$


Angelic Pretty blue haircombs - 25$

Bought new in Angelic Pretty in Harajuku last year. Worn a few times only. No flaws, like new. (Pictures shows accurate color, they are very nice royal bright blue) 

SHIPPING : (to prevent comb from folding or breaking, will be sent in small box, unless asked by buyer, I can send in bubble enveloppe)
North america : 10$
Europe : 10$
Asia : 12$

Moi-même-moitié simple holy cross headdress - 35$

I just bought this from someone on the comm, but I thought it would look better on me. Sadly it is not the case, so I sell it again. It is very long, it goes all the way around your head (the lace). I believe a crafty lady could easily take off the lace and separate the ribbon and create a new headdress or choker or any other thing out of the materials. It is the original holy cross lace (Divine Cross, Front Cross JSK etc). The lace is white (as on the said dresses), the ribbon is the original Moitie ribbon and is slightly ivory. I didn't wear it, just received it and selling it back. 

SHIPPING (will be sent in enveloppe) 
North Amercia : 4$
Rest of the world : 6$

Gothic & Lolita Bibles - 12$ each 

PLEASE NOTE !!!!!! - I am a little crazy collector and Mana fan, so in ALL OF THE ISSUES the pages where Mana models the Moitie clothes have been carefully taken out. **** Unless stated, all stickers and patterns are there and have been untouched. More details on each issue down here : 

IN ORDER (left to right, top row/bottom row)
Vol. 11 - Pattern NOT there, taken out. 
Vol. 16 - Pattern NOT there, taken out. 
Vol. 20 - (only Mana taken out)
Vol. 22 - Dolls issue. Pattern NOT there, taken out.
Vol. 38 - (far right) Christmas issue. Yoh drawings with Tarot. (only Mana taken out)
Vol. 24 - Trevor Brown issue. Pattern has been detached, BUT INCLUDED. 
Vol. 26 - Pattern NOT there, taken out.
Vol. 28 -  
Wedding issue. 1 sticker has been taken out. others are there
Vol. 31 - (only Mana taken out)

SHIPPING (might be expensive since heavy. 1 or 2 issues will be in enveloppe. 3 or more in a box.) 
* Please ask for quote since it will depend how many you take and where you are please ~ 
Example : 3 GLB in box in North America 18$

Other Gothic & Lolita Mooks - 14$

PLEASE NOTE !!!!!! - I am a little crazy collector and Mana fan, so in ALL OF THE ISSUES the pages where Mana models the Moitie clothes have been carefully taken out. **** Unless stated, all stickers and patterns are there and have been untouched.

Gothic Lolita Boudoir - Pattern is still there, Mana taken out
Gothic Lolita Ensemble - Only Mana taken out
Gothic Lolita Punk Book - 1 page of Moitie taken out
SHIPPING (1 or 2 will be sent in enveloppe, 3 of them in a box. See details of shipping with the others GLBs up here
*Please ask for shipping cost as it will depend on how much you take and where you are please ; w ; ! 

**** WANT TO BUY ****

I am also searching for some blouses/cutsews in white OR black to make my wardrobe more versatile. Down here are in my wishlist, but feel free to show me any blouse that you have (NOT too sweet with thousands of bows ! My style is more gothic lolita or classic blouses with not too much frills ^^ ). If other than on the pictures down here, has to fit a 92 cm bust and 83cm waist. Show what you have, I am open to brands such as Innocent world, Metamorphose, or even taobao/offbrand ones (since if it's not on my wishlist down here, the cheaper I find the more I am happy !) 

For these two, either all white, all black, or black with white lace is OK ! :) 

For these, either black, or white, or for the middle one black with white lace also ok :) 

If you have any other blouse or cutsew in this kind, I would like to see ! Thank you :) 
**** I AM ALSO looking for white Moi-même-moitie headdresses or black/white ones. 

Thank you very much !!!! 

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